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Lower back problems

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  • Posted By: Schwatz
  • March 26, 2007
  • 10:16 PM

Right now I have about six ligaments in my back (lowest ones) and they will not move. I really am not sure when this started; I'm guessing it happened several years ago. I didn't notice this problem back then because I was a kid and nothing really bothered me. So I'm 17 right now and my lower back will not move. I went to a chiropractor to see if he could help. This guy isn't the usual pop your back and such; he would use lasers and magnets. He told me to think of anything that would be something that hurt me in my life. So he would put this laser to my temple, push my neck in pressure points. He then had magnets under my lower back. I have no idea why he was doing this, but by the end of the meeting I had my back completely loose. I could touch the floor and I was like a noodle. Well that night I went to bed and woke up to a back that was the back I had before. I went back to him and he did the same procedure at least five times with no results. I gave up on that and went to a physical therapist. I have gone to physical therapy but that didn't work too well, if anything it just put more pain into the area that won't move. And I made sure to get a variety on things to be done by different therapists (three in total), and nothing worked. I'm sorry I’m getting so detailed and going on and on, but if I didn't say a lot of this stuff you wouldn't understand the problem I have. I would say ever since I was eight I had bad posture and would play on the computer. I still like to play on the computer to this day, but I've been out doors more doing things with friends; in the end my lower back will still not move. I will literally hunch over into a ball and the bottom six ligaments are as straight as a board, while the rest of my back is arched. I've been told my hamstrings are tighter than normal kids, so I've been stretching them and they have gotten to a normal level of stretch. I really am at a lack of what to do to make this better. I've been considering acupuncture, but I will have to say surgery isn't for me. All the people I've gone to have said they have never seen a case like mine. They said that the lower back is usually stiff and can move some, but mine is literally stuck straight up and down, and if I went I might get lucky and have a cm of arch in the whole six ligaments in my back (not side movement what-so-ever). Any help is appreciated, thanks.
I read some of the back pain problems and I have noticed that if I stand for thirty minutes without moving at all, that my legs will turn red/dark and get numb. I'm not sure if that could help, but it's always good to give people more information.

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