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low grade fever wont go away, morning is 37 and evening around 6.30pm rises to 38

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  • Posted By: chew_that_guy
  • October 26, 2010
  • 01:38 PM

I have a low grade fever wont go away, morning is 37 and evening around 6.30pm rises to 38 and stay there, cough sometimes, sweat at night, fatigue, loss of appetite, loss weight.Blood test show that I am free from HIV,no VDRL, haemoglobin is 12.7G/DL slightly low,MCHC30G/DL slightly low,platelet count 543x10^9/L high than normal, the rest from the blood test is normal. Sputum result for TB is negative, i think i dont have any sputum, so the sputum test wont work.my chest x-ray report : minimal linear opacities in both perihilar regions,likely represent fibrosis, small clacified granuloma in right upper lobe. The heart and mediastinal configurations are normal, no pleural effusion, osseous structures are unremarkable. Ct head scan is normal, Ct abdomen : the liver is slightly enlarged but is of normal attenuation, no mass or intrahepathic biliary obstruction, the GB appear normal, the spleen is not enlarged, the pancreas is of normal size and shape, both kidneys are of normal size, shape, excretion, no obstruction seen,no free fluid, lung bases appear normal. Doctor suspect TB in my body but cant get any prove from the tests, i had a mantoux skin test on TB, result 10mm raised red spot but doctor cant confirm TB infection, but still doctor prescribe medicine for curing TB for me to eat . I accompanied my wife to hospital for straight 6 days of pneumonia treatment, we were at the hospital for 4 to 5 hours for 6 days, then she was cured, i began to have cold, i took tylenol, cold went away in 3 days, then diffuclt to breath , found out lot of mucus in my bronchitis, went to hospital for 6 days injestion for asthma(i was falsedly diagnosed as asthma by doctor, mucus wont go away, then i took mucoslovan for 3 days, then my mucus went away, i thought i was cured, this happened in mid of July, then earlier of Sep, mucus and shortness of breath came back again,i was so upset with the doctor in shenzhen china, i worked in shenzhen china, so i decided to go back to malaysia for treatment. went to see a ENT specialist, had a surgery on my nose to clean the infection and throat to clean the infection too, then after the surgeries and i can breath easily, no more mucus , but my low grade fever wont go away, then I was refered to a internal medicine and respiratory specialist, the specialist suspect i have TB but cant prove that i have TB through bloodtest, chest x-ray test, ct head, ct abdomen test. But still prescribe me a TB medicine to take because specialist told me that i have evening fever, some cough, fatigue, loss weight, loss of appetite, night sweat. Please any doctor here can help me? I feel hopeless, and sad, why modern medical devices cant diagnose what kind of disease do i have, please any doctor help me

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