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low grade fever/fatigue for 2 1/2 years

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  • Posted By: JulieR
  • June 5, 2009
  • 01:59 PM

I have been running a low grade fever since Jan. 07. It all started when I fell on ice and smacked my face HARD. I have had a CT scan, MRI, many blood tests and been to 7 doctors with no answers. I used to be an active person but now I don't feel like doing anything. I lost my job because of it, my marriage is suffering, and I know it has to be affecting my kids. I don't know what to do next. I also have lost 20 lbs. (that I didn't need to loose), my muscles are weak, and if I force myself to do anything that requires much energy it takes me 2-3 days to recover to the point that I can do housework, etc. I am 39. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Do you experience any of the following-Impaired memory or concentrationPost-exertional malaise, where physical or mental exertions bring on "extreme, prolonged exhaustion and sickness"Unrefreshing sleepMuscle pain (myalgia)Pain in multiple joints (arthralgia)Headaches of a new kind or greater severitySore throat, frequent or recurringTender lymph nodes (cervical or axillary)
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  • I have been tested for Hyperthyroidism, it is fine. I do have all of the things you mentioned except not too many headaches. I also don't have tender lymph nodes but I did have one axillary one enlarged. My memory and concentration are terrible as is post-exertional malaise!!
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  • Oops...I also don't have too many sore throats and my joints don't bother me much other than my hips.
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  • Julie, I would see a good Rheumatologist to rule out an auto-immune issues that might be going on. I do not believe your injury to be causing your current symptoms, even if they began around the same time. Falling on your face just doesn't produce the symptoms you describe.
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  • I have been doing some research on tick borne illnesses. From what I have learned I could have been infected decades ago and it could have laid dormant until my body was under a lot of stress (falling). Also my fever has gone away 2x, the first time in Nov. last year for about a month, and I felt a little better until the week before my family driving trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C. (from Missouri), then again about a month ago for about a month but fever came back last week. I have not seen a Rheumatologist, I am unfamiliar with autoimmune diseases.
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  • Yes there are many auto immune issues that are similar. The low grade fever would indicate the tick exposure or auto immune in my book and trauma can cause a flare in both. Viruses can also start a flare. A rhuematologist can test you for both.
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  • do you recall any viral infection prior to these symptoms?as pointed get urself checked for any autoimmune disease...Do u feel depressed also most of the time of the day?
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  • I didn't have any viral infection around the time my symptoms started. I do feel depressed most of the time, don't know if it is from being ill for so long though.
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  • amazingly your symptoms match with Chronic fatigue syndrome,,i can't be sure without personally contacting you, so i think you should try some relaxing exercises and see if it works, heard of yoga try doing that.let me know if u feel something
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  • Thanks for the suggestions. I have done a little research on CFS but I am not sure if my fall could have caused it.
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