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Low fever and cough-sore throat for many days

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  • Posted By: Kinnison
  • February 3, 2012
  • 02:21 PM

Hello nice to find this place looks like a very usefull site/forum.

So I would like to hear your opinions on what disease this is. I wouldnt be so concerned as to write a thread but it seems to be taking to long to heal (this is day 10).

Around 17 December 2011 I had an intense stuffy nose and some fever (must have been arround 38C). I went to the doctor and he gave me an antibiotic (clarythromycin, drug is called Tromypen). I had also a lot of sneezing and I do get allergic sneezing reactions each year around spring so the doctor gave me Kestine (an antihistamine).
On 21st December I had a scheduled operation to do (irrelevant-circumsicion). Followin that the surgeon told me to take Zinadol tabs for 6 days. He also told me to stop the clarythromycin since all the symptoms of the earlier sickeness were gone by then. I followed through with his suggestion with no apparent problems. Very rarely I would get a random cough or sneeze but it didnt thought much of it since it was so rare.

Current Case
At 25th January I developed a very sudden appeance of fever, sore throat, and coughing. My nose did not seem to be affected, no stuffy or running nose and no sneezing. I thought that it might be best to avoid going to the doctor as I have the feeling he will put me on antibiotics even if there is no real need. So I am trying to get by it simply by drinking some warm tea with honey and getting more sleep.

However today it is 10 days and I still have a very low fever a bit of a sore thoat and dry cough mostly. I deal with it by regularly gargling salt water, trying to drink a lot of warm tea, and trying to take it easy. I do have to work and on the 3rd,4th,5th day of the illness I was forced to pull an all-nighter for work cause it is a 24-hour work with sifts. So i would go to work at 23.00 at night come back home the next morning and sleep around 09.00 until the afternnoon.

now im back to regular sifts and today i have the day off so here I am. I have kept track of my termperature. My friends and family suggest what I have should be seen by a doctor as low-fever might be more serious than higher one. These are my tempts:

day/ degrees Celcius (C)
25th of january morning 37.3
25th night 37.5
26th morning 36.9
26th night 37.2
27th morning 36.7
27th night 36.9
28th morning 36.6
28th night 37.2
29th night 37
30th morning 36.7
30th night 37.1
31st morning 36.6
31st night 37
1st of February morning 36.7
1st night 37.2
2nd midday 36.8
2nd night 37.1
3rd morning *today 37.2

From around the 30th i started salt water gargles. On the 1st of the month, seeing as i was not showing much improvement, and after reading online that cold/flu are viral and are best fought by a strong immune system, I started taking supplements of vit c. I am taking 3 or 4 longenes of zincovit-c per day and one 1000mg vit c every day with my main lunch. the zincvit c longenes contain each:
150mg vitamin c,
4mg Zinc,
15mg Propolis... and they are supposed to boost the immune systems strength.

This is the 3rd day i have taken vit c. I felt like I was improving and it seems to me that I no longer want to cough as much and my throat feels a little better, I dont have the need to do as many saltwater gargles.

Also I must say, during this whole period I never felt any of the typical flu-like symptoms, like tiredness, feeling exhauseted or pains etc. Only on the first day I felt ill and took 2 x 500mg Depon (acetocylic acid). However, only this morning I seem to be feeling very cold even when other around me are ok with temperatures.

Do you guys think that I should be worried? Is it indeed a seasonal cold or flu virus or could it be something more sinister?

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