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Low energy and "sleep paralysis"... Narcolepsy?

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  • Posted By: ArsenicRed
  • December 17, 2009
  • 08:35 PM

background/general information: Female 25, gave birth two and a half years ago.
height: 5'2" weight 110lbs (guessing, give or take 5lbs lol)

medications: oral birth control (generic brand of Aless) anti-anxiety medication (generic brand of Effexor rx, 37.5mg once daily, in the morning)

consumption: tea (not a coffee drinker) one or two cups a day, usually in the morning. sometimes will drink pop and other sources of caffeine (love chocolate lol)

occasional glass of wine. i would usually drink in the evening if i have a glass or two.

no recreational drugs. and non-smoker.

constantly tired and exhausted during the day. A overwhelming desire to just curl up and sleep/take a nap. I've found odd places to nap or even just have some "quite time". probably the worst is falling asleep on a public toilet lol. however i've never fainted or just randomly "passed out"

will "zone" out, in the middle of conversations, daily tasks (while working for example), easily brought out of the "daze" like feeling if someone grabs my attention. after being alerted i feel like i was "woken up"
I've gone on "autopilot" while doing different tasks such as plucking my eye brows for example, i almost feel like i'm in a dream like state. my mind is just elsewhere and i suddenly "come to" (trust me, it's a bad idea! had half a missing eyebrow! eek!)
this will also happen while reading a book. i've read pages and pages and suddenly "come too" with a kind of sensation of "waking up" and not even remotely remember the past few pages i've read.

I've started dreaming BEFORE actually falling asleep, almost feels like hallucinating? I'll lay awake in bed and see my dreams. sometimes i'll lay in bed and hear sounds. almost like people off in the distance. sometimes durinmg the day when i have feelings of exhaustion my eyes will "play tricks on me" i'll see people walk by to realize i'm alone, hear noises and sounds that aren't what i presume them to be. (will think someone's talking to me when they aren't making any noise. it's VERY bad if there's background noise, tv for example or even white noise such as a loud fan. worse when i'm feeling tired than if i'm feeling alert, don't mistake noises when i'm feeling alert)

tonight for the first time (that i was aware of what it actually is), i've experienced "sleep paralysis" it started with the sensation of my legs feeling heavy, then my arms. i didn't think much of it at first, i was laying in bed and i wanted to get up and come watch tv with my hubby but i just couldn't move my limbs. the heavy sensation in my arms and legs was so intense. i didn't have any feelings of "fear" or "terror" or any negative feelings in that sense. it was more annoyance than anything. i could however control my breathing (deep breathing, hold my breath, and so forth) and i could move my eyes and blink. but it was very difficult to do anything else. it took a lot of effort to eventually move. at first if i tried moving it would only result in my limbs twitching.

I can't think of much more at the moment (in all honesty just don't feel like typing more lol)

so I would love some feed back. i have a history of anxiety/depression though this i've found to be connected to hormones (ie. my menstrual cycle) i have a bit of social anxiety but my panic attacks tend to happen most when i'm feeling very tired.

Any feed back and thoughts are very welcome!

I'm going to call my doctor soon as this is starting to affect my day to day life more and more, but i'd like some more ideas before i approach her so i have some information on hand.

if this is perhaps linked to depression apposed to an actual sleep disorder then perhaps i should increase my effexor dosage? (not feeling depressed or anxious at all, no more stress than average daily life. would rather avoid increasing medication) perhaps this is CAUSED by my medication??

had various "narcoleptic symptoms" have been around for the past five or more years. (when thinking back had "symptoms" when i was younger as well. have no idea if it's connected or not)

been on Effexor only for the past year.

thank you so much in advance for any input!
if you think it may be something else please let me know! I'm not sure what other things may cause these kinds of "symptoms"

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