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low cd4,high cd8,very low immunity,many symtoms can't be dignosed!

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  • Posted By: weizhi001
  • May 9, 2013
  • 01:34 PM

First ,sorry my poor english ,english is not my mother language.I try my best to describe these clearly.
I am 37 years old , male . i am very well on history.
On jan,2012, i suddenly fell ill ,it is just fatigue ,weakness,drowsiness,anepithymia.
After one weeks,I developed liver damage and i have very deep Urine‘s color like tea‘s for two weeks.
My jaundice last two weeks , i suspect i infected by like hiv,eb or htlv ,hhv6 other virus. maybe Mononucleosis-like.

On feb,2012, I start severy dry cough,very severe cough,all day and all night. it last 20 days until inject Cephalosporins. Then, I get Pneumonia.i thiner 10% than my normal weight in six month.i have so many symptom, so many so many. i am very upset,very weakness,very low immunity,very fatigue. after six month,i feel a little better.

In the past sixteen months,i see many doctors include Infectious disease specialists,Cancer experts,Blood disease specialist,but unluckily i can't find out what cause to my illness,
In the first six months, i have very severe symtoms, jaundice, severe dry cough,Pneumonia,very fatigue,emaciation,repeat flu,repeat herpes labialis and so on.
Now, i still has fatigue,gingivitis,colitis,giddy,glossitis and so on.
At the four month, i devleped Cervical lymph node.At the tweleve month, it is Hand eczema. At the fifteen month,Armpit lump.
My tongue,fingernail,skin has abnormal aspect, i attach these picture.
My eb,cmv,hav,hbv,hcv and so on is negative.,hiv-ab negative for fifteen month and hiv-rna is negative four times(roche cobas). My chlamydia Pneumonia iggi is postive, igg is 1.17(positive>1).
I came from china, some special virus can't detected(example: special hiv,htlv and so on).

I do four times cd4 count test on different hospital,cd4 is just 580(30%),890(34%),430(23%),1200(22%),cd8 is 760(35%),960(36%),650(34%),2000(35%). but i found very strange phenomenon. On flow-Cytometer ,my lymphocyte count is 5000.but on complete blood cell .my lymphocyte count is 2500. flow-cytomerter's value alomost twice complete blood cell, is it be related to my illness?

I do three times ferritin,it is 700ng/ml, 768ng/ml ,900ng/ml.
At fifteen month, i do iron test ,My serum Iron 35.60 umol/L (normal:8.8-32.4),my Tibc is 69.60 umol/L(normal:20-55).
My ldh is 222(normal: 110-220).
At the tweleve month, my il-6,cpr,esr,saa,pct is normal.
My ppd test is ++ (20mm),my tb-ab is positive.
My 1-3,b-d is 459ng/ml(normal:<10) on September last year , now is 72ng/ml.
My Chest CT is normal,Abdominal B ultrasound is normal.
My wbc,Neut,mono,plt is normal,but Mplt is 52.7%(normal:13-48%)
Add a sentence,before my upset ,i have excessive drinking and low-risk activities on massage,
I have Mild fatty liver.
I suspect virus infected like seronegative hiv,not only my symptoms,but also my iron overloaded,low b12 ,low vitamin d3,very high cd8,high nk.On the other hand ,i has clamydia Pneumonia ,its igg is positive.
I know that a precise diagnosis is diffucult by internat,but there is no way,You are experiential by these desease,i be tormented for 15 months,please help ,i was very preciated your help.


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  • Hi, I think you are correct in that you have Cpn. I recommend you Google Dr David Wheldon, a UK doctor who has written extensively on the bacteria and its treatment. Hope this helps and you get well.
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  • Although my cpn igg is postive,but it'a value is very low and nac isn't effect ,maybe not cpn?my 1-3,b-d very high, maybe i am fungus infected?but how to explain my jaundice?
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