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Low blood sugar at night

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 28, 2007
  • 07:42 PM

HI there. For the last 2 years or so i have been extremeley hungry at night and was eating alot of breads and other founds to suppress it and found i put on alot of weight easily. I went to a doctor and they ran some blood tests for diabetes and a thyroid problem but all came back ok so they referred me to a endochronologist and they did a glucogen test and could see that at certain times my blood sugar would become low hence why i was getting hungry at night but nothing else really showed up. my doctor suggested i eat a sweet or softdrink/engery drink instead of bread which seemed to help the situation. He also wanted to do a ct scan of my pancreas to check if they were ok. Since i was going on holidays overseas for 6 weeks i had planned to have it done after then. while i was on holidays i noticed my hunger slowly disappeared, i was drinking lots of sugary drinks and by the end of my trip my sleep was no longer disturbed by hunger i came back and did the ct scan and all was ok. I told my doctor that it was hardly happening anymore and asked if could it have either been stress from work or shift work that could of caused these symptons but he said no. so we organised another appt not for may. since no symptons. Now in the last week it has came back with a vengeance. My hands get pins and neeedles and the hunger only seems to seems to only happen at night. If i don't eat a get a handache and become nauseas. I have a soft drink next to the bed and even have a few sweets but it doesn't seem to be suppresses the hunger no more.
On my last visit to the doctor i asked him what it could be, he said it could be signs from early onset diabetes and to lose five kilos and eat moderately and exercise.
but diabetes don't run in my family. I never over eat as i used to be natural thin and i dn't have a big appetite and i'm 24 yeras old 68 kgs and 5'9 maybe a chubby round the waist but not fat.. how could i be showing signs of diabetes? Is there a reason why it slowly dissapeared while on holidays os?

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  • I will be blunt. Your doc has it backwards. Eating more sugar or sweets makes the problem worse. After eating those, your sugar will go up and then soon crash down. If you eat a few hours before bedtime, make it protein or fat. Fat may be better as it takes longer to digest and does not cause the up and down sugar pattern that the sugar does. All those carbs and sugars have you heading towards diabetes. Doesn't really matter if it does not run in your family. You may want to access sites like www.westonaprice.org and some related ones from there like Nourishing Traditions to see how their eating recommendation may help you. Higher amounts of good fat are recommended. If your present doc still recommends low fat, find a more natural doc that is a lot more knowledgeable about nutrition.
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    • December 29, 2007
    • 02:19 PM
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