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Low Blood pressure or something else?

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  • Posted By: Uncool
  • February 18, 2008
  • 06:31 AM

Hey, well recently I've been experiencing moments of extreme weakness etc, much like someone would before they would faint ( I have fainted in the past also):
I start to sweat a lot from my palms and feet,
I feel a strange light-headed sensation from my head,
my eyes feel droopy,
I have a shortness of breath,
my ears feel like someone has cupped their hands over the top of them, distorting my hearing,
After this I am aware that i will faint, so I usually run to find a place to lie down ( because you can't faint if you are lying down).
Over the past couple of weeks these symptoms have been occuring quite frequently:
At least one episode every day since Feb 8.
i've been to a doctor, who suggested it was a virus, but given they are supposed to last only around a week, I think not (also I didn't have any other real symptoms).
I have been a vegetarian for the last year an a half (only eggs and milk products- no meat at all), and neglected to take my iron tablets quite frequently.
I've been taking them and vitamins since the first serious episode of fainting (on the 8th), but am still continuing to experience symptoms.
I don't know if it could just be syncope or anxiety (I never feel very stressed when it happens) or perhaps even ust low blood pressure.
I've been considering getting a blood test, but due to the fact I feel nauseas and almos tlike fainting at the thought of it, have put it off up until now.
Anyone with any idea what's wrong with me, please reply! I am in serious need of help, it's beginning ot affect my life quite dramatically, and I'm just about to start uni (I'm 18 by the way-if that helps with any diagnosis).

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  • You may be anemic, which a blood test would confirm. I believe a quick check for anemia is when the lines in your hands are pale and white rather than the normal pinky-red colour. One doctor told me that people of Mediterranean descent are almost guaranteed to become anemic at some point. My parents are from Italy and sure enough I was anemic growing up, although it was when I was younger than 18 and my symptoms were not as bad as yours, I just spent a few years or so being dizzy, until a doctor finally listened to my mum's suggestion and gave me a blood test.I think that taking iron supplements is a good idea if you're vegetarian, I believe spinach is also high in iron. In my case, I took a product called BCN (or BCM) tonic - that helped quite a bit, it's some kinda multivitamin thing here in Australia and I think it's high in iron.The other thing it could be is anxiety or stress - which would account for the shortness of breath, something I'm not sure would be the result of anemia. When you suffer from anxiety it apparently can release too much adrenalin into your system, which produces many weird and wonderful symptoms such as those you described.I suffered from something like that years ago that took about 18 months to get over, the doctor kept telling me it's stress and I kept disagreeing because I genuinely didn't feel like I had any stress but in hindsight, maybe it was a possibility. I had many many tests done, all negative, and it went away of its own accord.Generally when I get sick the first thing I try to do is make sure I'm strong and healthy by overeating slightly (Italian influence perhaps? Ha ha!) and then work from there. Not sure what your motive is for being vegetarian but sometimes a good feed can work wonders - at least till you're over the problem.Anyhow, good luck!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 18, 2008
    • 07:39 AM
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  • Have some investigations done, starting with checking your blood pressure (!) and appropriate blood tests....
    kentishman 19 Replies
    • February 18, 2008
    • 10:29 PM
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  • I'd make sure they check for vitamin B12 deficiency, celiac disease, meniere's disease, iron deficiency anemia, thyroid disorders (it may help to have antibodies checked in addition to hormones), chronic fatigue syndrome, hypoglycemia, mono, EBV...There's probably more things they should check for, too. It might help to get a blood pressure monitor and see if your pressure is low at all during these attacks.Anyone else?
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 18, 2008
    • 10:59 PM
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