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  • Posted By: mom4answers
  • May 31, 2009
  • 11:35 PM

Having a hard time getting my daughter a diagnosis. She's 15 tall and thin. Has had nausea, stomach pain, cannot eat after 1-2 bites of anything since November. Metallic taste in mouth most of the time, some diarhea periodically and severe acne (if relevent), alot of times very pale. Had endoscopy, nothing. acid reflux med, nothing lost 8 lbs in 2 months not being able to eat, lethargic. First blood tests were normal. Having 2nd set of tests reviewed now. Any ideas? several doctors have been very passe about it that its a phase in her mind. She's not that type. She just wants to feel better. Please help. thanks

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  • Hi. I also have a 15 year old daughter with some of these same symptoms. She has had every test in the book. All blood work, MRI, EEG, Cat Scans colonoscopy & endescopy are normal. Her abdominal pain is always there and severe at times. The doctors have suggested this is in her head but like your daughter, she is not that kind of a kid. She too is sick of feeling bad. Have you checked out Chrons, vitamin B defiency, endemetreosis, cielic disease, or bile duct problems? We still do not have answers but I will not give up. Good luck.
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  • Has she been tested for Celiac or Dietary fructose intolerance. both of these can cause the problems you listed. T
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  • Unless its part of the endoscopy, I dont think so. I will call the dr and discuss first thing tomorrow. thanks
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  • The metallic taste in her mouth could be caused by a spinal fluid leak through the nasal passages. Important to have checked out asap.
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  • thanks. I will. She passed out in school on Friday. the same day her pediatrician said it was all in her head and she needs counselling. Her friends said she turned sheet white, lips purple, and started shaking and swaying almost as if she was having a seisure. So does anyone have any input about this as well? Its really scaring me I cant get ANYONE to listen to me and do some in depth testing. thanks
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  • How do her fingernails look? Do they have any striping or discolorations?
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  • Hi, I have a 15 year old son who has unwell for 14 years, all tests etc came back negative, been told same as you. He was so unwell with stomach pain etc, not sleeping or going to school. Out of desperation tried everything, but with no outcome, then told about Intergix Co-Re, look it up on the net and there is a link to show providers world wide. Brad is now feeling a lot better attending school and resuming sport, all this in 5 weeks. His problem was parasites (that didn,t show in tests) ross river virus, fungus and bacteria and his body was stage 3 yeast infection. He is also being treated with lots of natural medication and vitiams etc. Its worth a go. God Luck Regard Dorothy.
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  • Hi, I also have a 15 year old son, been unwell for 14 years will stomach pains, things were so bad he couldn't sleep, stopped going to sport and school, tests showed nothing and told he was looking for attention. DEsperate we tried every thing, but nothing worked. Then told about Intergix Co-Re (you can do a search on net for the site and can find names of providers world wide.) It was shown he had many parasites, bacteria, fungus, 3rd stage thrush infection, ross river virus and on the verge of chronic fautive, 4 weeks later, improvement is great, also is taking natural medicines. He is back at school and started doing some sport, and can think clearer. Hope this helps Dorothy 51
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  • I think all the issues you describe are relevant. I am pretty sure the underlying problem your child has is candida or yeast or fungus (all the same thing) It starts as a digestive issue - diarrhea, constipation, or both, colic in a baby, thrush, diaper rash, sleeping - too much or too little, sometimes projectile vomiting. As teenagers you have listed it - abdominal pain increasing with stress (yeast loves hormones and guess what teenagers have? - right - hormones. Stress is more hormones. Hormones feed candida. These kids start to feel awful, have headaches, migraines, feel nauseous, have no energy. Go to www.yeastconnection.com and answer the questionaire. This questionaire and the program I created for my daughter saved her when she was 20, covered with rashes, having weekly migraines, lost her energy, creativity, ability to focus, having constant bladder and vaginal infections, aching, not able to get to sleep or wake up. She started to feel better within 5 days and now 3 years later she is still well. There is a much longer story here and if you want to talk to me on the phone I am willing but don't know how to do it through this site. They do have my phone and email and I would be delighted to talk to you. Do not give up. Once we have candida it attracts other toxins. Your daughter also has metal toxicity ( metalic taste in mouth) She likely has many parasites as well. I can help her get rid of all these. Call me. I have l lot of information which could allow your daughter to return to health.
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  • thanks, will take all this info back to the dr.
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  • Hi, If your specialist or Dr,s are like ours, they will not want to know about it as it goes against there teachings. I was advised that we would be wasting our money, and it was hoodoo stuff, as they use radio frequency to treat different conditions. After seeing the improvement in my son,our family doctor(who has treated him since birth and in the end said I have tried everything that all i can do) is now very interested and is researching all the imfo that is available.regards dorothy 51:
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  • I tried to find the link you recommended for the prooduct that really helped your son. I would like to underline some things you said. Your son had stomach pain, felt unwell, couldn't go to school. Found level 3 candida, parasites, metal toxicity. When a person has candida it acts like a magnet and attracts and holds onto (binds with) other toxins such as lead, mercury, asbestos, cadmium and parasites. Attempts to get rid of the metals or parasites without first getting rid of the candida is virtually impossible. Many treatments seem to get initial good results as this one is. I am pretty sure it is feeding the candida and thus making it happy rather than getting rid of it. Is your health care provider able to track the candida and other toxins accurately? I sincerely hope I am wrong and your son will have a major healing. If not, post again as I can help you get rid of these toxins. Please post more information on the product you recommend so I can learn more about it. Many thanks
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