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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 9, 2008
  • 09:26 PM

I don't imagine it's anything too bad, but has been going on for the past 4 days. I'm a 20 year old female and for the past 4 days have been experiencing
-dull full back aches (though more concentrated in the lower back)
-back of neck aches.
-the insides of my elbows ache.
-It is uncomfortable for me to move my eyes around.
-Getting up from sitting down sometimes causes my vision to go a bit dark (similar to walking from the sunny outside to a dark room in doors) but that clears up relatively quickly.
-patches of skin that are sensitive to touch
-concentrating on anything makes me want to fall asleep (eg, this post)
-My throat doesn't hurt, but there is a marked "fullness" feeling to it. I keep wanting to swallow.
-I don't have a fever as of.. yesterday, when I checked.
-general discomfort.. is worse in the evening as opposed to the morning. Especially when I've been trying to get to sleep, the backache gets to me.

Any ideas/is it worth going to see a doctor?

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  • Did you know that as you get older you pms symptoms can change? Sadly that could maybe be it. Weight gain can also cause soreness in muscles and joints. Another possibility could be a late growth spurt? And I would check into the lyme disease before freaking out about it. It has about a million symptoms that go with about a million other issues as well as lyme. Its a common remommendation on here. Good luck :)
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  • As for lyme disease.. I had a tick bite last summer and went to the doctor but she brushed me off. I had mild flu-like symptoms for a day and then they went away and I forgot about it. .. No rash or anything. Should I be concerned?I just took my temperature again and it's now 100FI am just finishing up my period, but I suppose that might make sense. I'm on 75mg of zoloft and my doctor told me that should -help- with PMS symptoms. I guess I'll know if it's that.. next month. I sure hope it's not period-related; don't know what I'd do.
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  • Last summer I was bit by a tick, in Texas. I'm pretty sure it was not a deer tick. And I did not get the rash. I still went to the doctor, who pretty much brushed me off with a laugh for being concerned about lyme disease. I had a couple days of mild flu like symptoms following the bite, but I'm not sure it they were just brought on by my worrying. Would lyme disease still be a concern?Now that I do actually have a (albeit low grade) fever, a simple mild flu seems more like it. Though there's no coughing/sneezing/nausea. Chromegirl, I have maintained a steady weight the past few years. Hopefully the answer is not PMS-related. I just finished up my period, in fact.. I'm on 75mg of zoloft, which my doctor told me can relieve some of the PMS symptoms? (Though that is not the main reason I'm taking it)
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  • Difficulty swallowing can be a symptom of thyroid probems.
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  • Mental stress can also cause a huge selction of symptoms. Is the zoloft a daily or as needed? If you don't want to discuss that part here I understand-and if you would like to discuss it elsewhere i'll give you one of my messenger ID's if you like-personally I have anxiety disorder so I know what that does to me, so I might be able to help you out about that. As far as lyme goes, its not impossible, just improbable.In 2006, 19,931 cases of Lyme disease were reported yielding a national average of 8.2 cases per 100,000 persons. In the ten states were Lyme disease is most common, the averagewas 30.2 cases per 100,000 persons.http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/lyme/ld_UpClimbLymeDis.htm
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  • Actually I read on one of the site you usually post that the bugs in the blood stream in the case of lyme disease kills fleas. Are your sites misinformed? Can't ticks actually carry other things too? There is a vaccine for lyme disease now also--now theres something to advocate.
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