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  • Posted By: TammyMo
  • February 12, 2011
  • 04:36 AM

I have some weird symptoms that are concerning me.


- female in late 20's
- had an abnormal pap and had LEEP surgery to remove precancerous cells on the cervix in 2005.
- never had an abnormal pap since
- had a vaginal birth a couple years ago with no complications
- always longer than average menstrual cycle at 36 - 38 days. (when not on birth control)
- not currently on hormonal birth control (use condoms)


- sore throat before menstruation. starting about the summer I noticed I would get a sore throat a week or so before my period started (around the time i would have just ovulated)

- sex has started to become painful. it's become very noticeable especially end of my cycle. feels like my cervix is bruised and he's pressing on it while it's very tender.

- bleeding after sex, starting about November if we had sex a day or two before my expected period i'd start bleeding during sex and it would "trigger" my period.

-abnormal mid-cycle bleeding. sex was painful MID cycle (instead of towards the end) and i bled the next day and bled for two days, it was dark and thick and didn't remotely look like my period at all. experience cramping/mild pain at the same time.

- cramps, i'd usually experiences mild cramping a day or so before my period and the first day of my period, the past couple months it started to become a week, then two weeks etc. now it's to the point where i'm almost constantly feeling mild menstrual like cramps.

-excess clear vaginal fluid. i have noticed more than normal fluid. but no itching, no burning or any form of pain/discomfort. and no smell.

- Period was over 10 days late in January. (VERY unusual for me, not pregnant)

after i had the spotting in December I KNEW it wasn't normal so i went to the doctor and he thought i might be pregnant (implantation bleeding) i had a blood test done and also did two home pregnancy tests. all three came back negative. i brushed it off thinking i may have just had ovulation bleeding though it's never happened to me before. but when i was experiencing the mild cramping through January and then my period was 10 days late, i took another home pregnancy test, negative.

and i went back to see the doctor. i got a different one this time.
she thinks it's hormonally related. she did a pap and noticed the excessive vaginal fluid but said that i have absolutely no signs of an infection.
she also did some blood work.

i assume it turned out well since I haven't heard back from them and "no news is good news"

she thinks it might perhaps be a developing cyst and i have an ultra sound booked for a week from now just to make sure.

i am concerned that perhaps it may be a form of vaginal cancer (perhaps the type i had a few years ago? but she never called to say i had an abnormal pap this time so i don't think it's that) perhaps cancer of the uterus?

If anyone has any idea of what might be causing all these symptoms please share them! Thanks.

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  • Never assume that not hearing back means nothing is wrong, ALWAYS give them a ring or have an appointment to check the results. (I used to assume I'd be told if something was wrong without me asking, but that wasnt the case). I dont know what is causing a lot of your issues but do see an issue with your symptoms. always longer than average menstrual cycle at 36 - 38 days. (when not on birth control) That's indicating you probably have got polycystic ovulation syndrome (PCOS), which is a very common female problem (most common cause of infertility and long cycles in females). Even if it in your case dont cause infertility, if you have this you should be diagnosed if the case as it predisposes you to other more serious issues eg diabetes/insulin resistance and heart issues. I strongly suggest no matter what they pick up with your results (negative or not to things), for you to go and see a gynocologist and take not just the report but also the actual ultrasound with you as Ive found doctors arent always good at reading ultrasounds and often rely on the radiologists report, which is sometimes wrong. I had a radiologist do a wrong report with my PCOS.. two different gynos on actually looking at my ultrasound both said I have PCOS (along with looking at other blood test results with my hormones.. *note a doctor also missed that my actual hormone ratios were wrong with each other and that isnt something which the labs note, they only usualy note amounts rather then also looking at ratios, hence a specialist/gyno is needed here too to check the hormonal blood test results are completely normal). PCOS causes one to have messed up hormones. Be active with your health to make sure any issues you may have, are not missed.
    taniaaust1 2267 Replies
    • February 12, 2011
    • 05:55 AM
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  • Be active with your health to make sure any issues you may have, are not missed.Thanks, you did give me some very good advise. I wouldn't have thought to ask for copies of the tests done to take with me when seeing another doctor.I have to go by the clinic this week to pick up the referral for my ultrasound so I'll speak to the doctor then about my test results and ask for copies and a referral to see my ob/gyn. he did my prenatal care and performed my LEEP a few years back, so I would like to go back to see him.As far as my longer cycle's go i never thought of it as a "symptom" because I've never had any doctors concerned about it in the past. and because it's very regular, i'm almost like clockwork just happen to have a longer than average cycle (or at least I thought of it that way)I'll look into getting all the proper documents and request a follow up appointment with my gynecologist after my ultra sound is done.Thank you.
    TammyMo 3 Replies
    • February 12, 2011
    • 04:59 PM
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