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List of symptoms in my mystery illness

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  • Posted By: princessandfrogs
  • March 22, 2007
  • 01:28 AM

In 1994, after my husband died, I suffered weakness in my arms and legs. It seemed to eventually improve but the doctor just said myofascial disorder for pain, prescribed Rx for one time. :cool:

Since them, I have weakness in legs, arms, hands, and bladder. I had an MRI checking for MS-- Negative. I had a CT done, my head is fine. Now I have constant pain that travels around my body. Sometimes when I try to relax, my muscles spasm, twitch, and ***k me around. This can be when I am driving, lying down, or sitting for any period of time. Another dr. said Fibromyalgia, but does not know why I have jerking and twitches. My brain is dead in memory capacity and I had to quit school due to absent-mindedness-- against my wishes, they revoked my scholarship when my professors started seeing physical symptoms appear-- forgetting, repeating questions with :confused: mental confusion. I try NOT to take meds-- hydrocodone & Soma because they worsen the conditions.

I suffer with insomnia, too, and sometimes break out in a rash across for my face for no aparent reason. I had an MRI of my back and they found osteoarthritis in lumbar area and some pinched disks in C4 C5. I do not sleep well, and it drives me nuts when I am soooo exhausted but my body wont let me sleep. I feel like my body is betraying me. I can not do any physical work or my symptoms get escalated to hyper-sensitive and all pain and twitching increases! I mean no vacuuming, no grocery shopping, nothing. I am on a scooter to go to store-- embarassing at 47 years old. HELP! :eek:

I just married after 13 years of single mom hood and feel like I have let down my new husband who is watching me digress. We have hired Binder and Binder to try to get me disability cause of the fibromyalgia and arthritis, but is this it? Nobody can put all the symptoms together and develop a diet, exercise or Rx regime to make me better. Meanwhile, I sit and sit and sit and get depressed! :(

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  • Sounds like all I went through for many yrs. Turns out I have had undx'd Lyme and coinfections. All tests are normal, but you keep getting sicker and sicker. PArt of the Lyme dx is clinical. Some tests have false negs. Try this link lots of help and info there lymenet.org .
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  • Rash across the face could be an indication of lupus. If the rash is in a "butterfly effect" across the cheeks and bridge of the nose, I would suggest that you look into Lupus. I can also occur on other parts of the body including sores on the front of the shins.
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  • go to www.ahummingbirdsguide.com right now...look at sx list weakness spasms jerking of muscles mental confusion short term memory facial rash like lupus...it's all there...good luck write down how many of the sx on the list you have. You'll be suprised...it's called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and it is caused from a virus. I've been sick for 4 years and just found this info yesterday...If you look around this site, you will see that I have given out this web address countless times. There are so many people on this site alone that I think may have it. Thant's why we are all here...until now...noone, including me knew what the ***l was going on, Best of luck Mrs. Newlywed...mommy cat
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