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lightheadedness, achey joints, suspected celiacs and endometriosis??

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  • Posted By: marygrace
  • December 21, 2009
  • 06:23 PM

I'm 27 year old female. I`m having alot of weird symptoms, so I`ll catagorize them in an easy way to read!

-lightheadedness and dizzyness-complained of it most of my life. Have had dizzy spells that have been so bad that I couldn`t get out of bed in the morning(happens about every 4-5 months). Almost like being drunk (the spins) without consuming alcohol-I drink maybe 1-2 drinks per month! The lightheadedness has been get worse the last 2 months.

-achey joints- I`m quite active throughout the day. I have been taking yoga teachers training and I find my joints are so sore after a 2 hour yoga class. Not the kind of pain that I`ve had before though that was from a hard workout. We`ll go for a walk in the evening and I`m often limping because my hips or knees or back hurts. I will also get random aches thoughout my body, like all of a sudden my wrist or knee will hurt.

-headeaches-seem to get alot of headaches.

-menstral pain- went off my birthcontrol in June and since then I`ve had more painful periods and lowerback pain and also pain with intercourse. This last period didn`t seem to be as painful and the pain with intercourse isn`t as bad as it has been. I went to the Gyno last week and they wanted to do a laproscopy to check for endometriosis, which I have not gone for yet.

-digestion issues- I often get bloating and alot of gas. Chronic constipation, and cramping with bowel movements.

-fatigue-I feel tired alot, and I constant feeling of heaviness. I`m in good shape I`m 5`6 and 140lbs and carry it well. If I weighed any less I would look ill!

-red pimples or rashes or itchiness on my face and scalp and sometimes on my chest.

I know this is alot of imformation. I`ve had my iron levels and B levels checked and CBC checked all has come back normal. My blood pressure is normal. I`ve checked for celiac though blood test which has come back negative, which I`ve heard that you can still have celiac disease (I`m to ask my Dr. for a small intestine biopsy to rule out celiacs)

My mom has fibromylgia, so I wonder if it that or some other autoimmune disease or disorder? I`m waiting for blood results for inflammation (ESR levels)

Also I am a hairstylist and I`m on my feet alot and work with chemicals. The smell of the chemicals are starting to bother me and any scents I find I am really sensitive to (esp. in public, perfume aisles!-instant headaches)

If anybody has any insight or possible suggestions, they would be greatly apprecited! Thank you!

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