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light sleep, brain fog, loss of appetite, worsens with exercise

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  • Posted By: superfob
  • February 6, 2010
  • 08:44 PM

Hi everyone,

For the past several months, I've been experiencing a variety of symptoms which are similar to those seen for chronic fatigue syndrome.

It began when I would experience insomnia or unrefreshing sleep after hitting the weights at the gym . I would get this weird wired feeling, not like the usual endorphin feeling I get after working out, that would prevent my brain from shutting down or concentrating well.

While I took note of these symptoms, they were not significantly affecting my life. During the past few months, however, I have begun to see a worsening progression and development of new symptoms. These are the ones I have observed:

-light, unfreshing sleep: For the past two weeks or so, I noticed that I have not remembered dreaming at all (this is unusual for me). When I go to sleep, I have that wired feeling in my brain, like some hormone is keeping me from getting deep sleep. In the past I would feel tired around 11-12 pm, but now I don't sleep until 2 am and it feels very light.

-fatigue and difficulty concentrating throughout the day: I feel like this is a result of my light sleep. I never feel fully refreshed like I use to after a good night of sleep. I also now have difficulty reading and also problems with memory or comprehension

-loss of appetite

-increased hair loss - this is not significant, but it is more than the past

-hard, pasty stools - I eat a lot of vegetables and drink a lot of water, so this is not a result of diet

-a couple of days I have noticed that my breathing during the day is shallow, and I have to force myself to take deeper breaths to increase oxygen

I noticed that exercise worsens my insomnia: initially heavy exercise would make me get a very bad night of sleep, but eventually even elevating my heartrate slightly on a bike would trigger it

I have stopped exercising besides walking for the past two weeks and the symptoms above still persist.

I also noticed that a couple of times - I have experienced this slight pulsating pain near my chest - this has not been worsening, it occurred randomly a few times.

I have done the standard blood work and the results came back normal with the exception of vitamin d insufficiency - so I have been taking supplements but I really do not feel like this is the cause of my symptoms - as the level is not significantly low.

My results indicate that my white blood cell level is low - but I think this is genetic as my father has low levels as well and I had around the same level previously. I noticed an increase in urine pH from blood tests I did two years ago: from 6.5 to 8.0

I would also like to note that the symptoms seem to have begun after I contracted a flu - which was maybe the swine flu. My mental state right now feels slightly like an improved version of what I felt like when I had the flu -but it does not feel normal. I constantly feel wired, and unable to concentrate or function normally.

I have described these symptoms to my doctor but he was unable to come up with a diagnosis, besides possibly a mental fear of exercise which worsens my insomnia . I'm going to see him again soon, and while he seems open-minded, I feel like I will need to see another doctor or a specialist.

Does anyone have any possible ideas? A lot of my symptoms seem to point to chronic fatigue syndrome right now.

Thanks for reading

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