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Light headed, presure feeling, racing heart, dull pain around kidney areas, tired????

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  • Posted By: John from Australia
  • September 10, 2011
  • 09:22 PM


My name is John,

5ft 11inches tall
12 stone
smoker 12 cigs a day
eat fairly healthy
had racing heart (palpitations) for over 10 years, not 24/7 just some times for no reason at all.

The last 5 weeks have been feeling lite headed, sometimes with a feeling of presure, not like a headache type presure, more just a presure feeling with out the headache, sometimes a dull type of pain goes with the presure, sometimes a feeling of going to pass out.

And of course comes with it the feeling of impending doom, and then the racing heart, followed by a visit to the ER, usually blood presure 140 over 90, and heart rate 120 to 130, by the time all test are done, heart rate 80, and blood presure down to 120 over 80.

Howerver, the lite headed and presure unchanged.

I have been to the ER about 8 times with this problem over 5 week period, also had my blood count and urine test done, stress tested, scan of my head with a dye injected, so many i cant remember of ecg wires placed all over b

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  • Pheochromocytoma?
    Felsen 510 Replies
    • September 13, 2011
    • 10:44 PM
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  • Pheochromocytoma?Surely the countless full blood count test would of detectected this?I just spent yet another night day in ER and was asked questions if i had reflux symtoms in the recent past to which I replied yes, then i was asked if during which, did i have a metal taste in mouth, answere was yes,thinking this cardio specialist may be on to something here, although i wish i read your post yesterdayi would of asked, though i have had a scan of kidneys 2 months ago, surely would of detected?Symtoms this time to ER, heart racing 130 bpm, BP 160/87, noted paleness, obvious distress (FREAKED I CALL IT) symtoms calmed down to normal levels after a couple hours.ECG NormalNo abmormal findings on examination.Diagnosis:Possible SVT/paroxysmal AF NO syncopal episodesNo evidence of ischaemic heart desease.Treatment,Take metoprolol 50mg tablets (take half a day 25mg) (TRIAL) for 2 weeks, also take 40mg SOMAC daily TRIAL 2 weeks, whilst waiting for ultrasound of heart in 3 weeks time.,So for the first time they are wonderng if there is another cause other than faulty heart, but far from any answere as yet! Anoying!The Cardio specialist asked me quote: well what do you want us to do? HELLO!!!! i want you to mri my heart, run every test available! This is one of the most modern and largest hospital in Australia, the best equipment in the world, and renown for inovative technics and awards regarding cardio technics, and your asking me what do you want us to do?Well I thought i had her eating out of my hand, she said OK, hang on I will ask my boss and see what we can organise, she came back and told me her boss said no go, (her boss is the cardiologist treating my condition) **** i thought, near had some answeres or my mind put to rest, her boss recomended the reg treatment with metoprolol and somac trial whils waiting for the ultrasound, so here i am playing the waiting game and living with these shite symptoms that are sending me around the twist!Anymore suggestions much appreciated and thanking everyone for there time.I will ask about the Pheochromocytoma as it does have the same symptoms amazingly very much so, I cant wait to ask!As for the cardio lady yesterday, i promissed her i will be knocking on her door if her 2 week trial fails to improve my symptoms, she said we have a deal.She was quite a nice lady, and if it wasnt for her boss, i would no doubt have an answere by now, she was keen to give my a full work over, ah well, wait wait wait.
    John from Australia 2 Replies
    • September 14, 2011
    • 10:30 PM
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