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Lifelong tiredness

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 13, 2006
  • 00:02 PM

I am a 41 yr old woman. Since early childhood i have suffered from extreme tiredness that has complicated every aspect of my life. I was unable to concentrate in school due to being unable to wake up properly before late afternoon. I felt my whole life like i was sleepwalking through my so called waking hours. I can sleep 12,14,16 hours on end without problem, but have a huge problem with waking up even so. I have been unable to keep longterm jobs all my life, and could never get a proper education due to my problems to stay awake. I hide constant big dark panda circles around my eyes under a layer of makeup and have done so since my teenages. I am prone to anemia and do take iron supplements to keep my hemoglobine in check. Then, two years ago i suppousedly had a blodclot passing though my heart, i was in hospital for 5 days and i was told i had some kind of problem with my heart as well as very high hemoglobine. I was told to stop taking iron supplements to thin down my blood as the doctors reasoned that the bloodclot could have been due to thick blood. Still, iron supplements never have seemed to have any significant effect on the tiredness, so i stopped taking them, and now i am on the verge of anemia instead and feel even more tired then before. I have now definately been diagnosed with a heartcondition although doctors have failed to tell me exactly what the problem is. I have been given medication - Metroprolol succinate HEXAL and feel that my energy level has inreased a tiny bit, but still nowhere near to so that i could function like the rest of the world. I am losing hope now. All types of bloodtests has been done, and they can find nothing wrong with me!
Is there anybody out there that has a clue as to what could be the cause of this, and is there if not a cure, at least something that could help me to function somewhat like a normal person? I have suffered all my life..i have been considered a weirdo,a freak,unreliable...all sorts..and understandably so... most dyas i just cannot get out of bed before late afternoon, try as i may..

Please contact me at : susannekonster@hotmail.com

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  • I had the same problem and was finally diagnosed with Narcolepsy after years of everyone thinking I was just really lazy.Considering your heart problem, you would probably not be able to take Ritalin, as I do now. However, you might want to check about Cylert or Provigil with your doctor.They can diagnose it with a sleep study in most situations, but some doctors will go ahead and try the medication to see if it helps and work from there.As far as the anemia, I, too, have had a recurring problem with this. You need Vitamin C and iron to combat this, of course. " The are two different types of digestible iron in food: 1. hemo iron, found in red meat seafood and poultry, and 2. non-hemo iron found in breads, fruits, breakfast cereals, vegetable, legumes (e. g. baked beans), nuts and eggs. Hemo iron foods are rich in iron and contain iron in a form that is easily absorbed by the body. Red meat also has a special effect on iron absorption. Red meat, when eaten together with the vegetables, can boost the absorption of non-hemo iron by up to 400%. Vitamin C has a similar positive effect on the absorption of iron. In other words, the key to a healthy iron rich diet is to eat a combination of iron rich foods, high in both hemo and non-hemo iron."http://www.bloodbook.com/iron-foods.html Before diagnosis of narcolepsy, I was told anything from thyroid problems, mono, depression, and so many others that I cannot even remember.You might want to visit http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/about/ncsdr/ for more information on sleep disorders.That is part of the National Institutes of Health website, and it has a lot of really helpful information.Best of luck with everything! :(
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    • December 13, 2006
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