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Life long illness, still no closer to an answer

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  • Posted By: Twitch
  • March 1, 2012
  • 01:14 AM

I'm a 27 year old female from the UK, who has been dealing with illness throughout my life. I'm wary of asking for answers online, but I'm not getting any answers from specialists so I figure it can't do any harm. I'd hugely appreciate some suggestions.

When I was born, I went into allergic shock from a severe lactose allergy. I spent the first six months of my life in pain and screaming, and ever since then I've experienced a long list of health problems.

The list reads something like this:

Birth and childhood:
Severe lactose allergy, plus allergies to many foods and, strangely, tap water. Also born with damage to the hairs in my ears, leading to slight hearing loss in both ears. Severe eczema, usually on contact with foods and washing powders/dust/clothing.
Whooping cough, measles, scarlet fever, all under the age of 10. Didn't have the MMR. Lots of sinus infections and constant colds/flu.

Pelvic infections unrelated to STD's or sexual activity. Polycystic ovaries, unexplained bleeding, scar tissue on the cervix which was removed with laser treatment but has periodically returned. Scans (internal and external) have shown no causes.
Bowel disturbances, alternatiing between constipation and upset stomachs, constantly. I've never had normal bowel function since puberty. Again, no reason has been found. Often blood and mucus in stools, but tests come back negative.
Muscle and joint aches, tiredness, depression and anxiety.
Unexplained vomiting and stomach cramps.

Pustular eczema, cleared up with high dose of prednisone but returned after dropping the dose. Steroid creams, diet changes and removing all irritants have made no difference.
Infected gallbladder, leading to kidney and liver failure, along with pancretits. Gallbladder removed, leaving scar tissue. Resulted in contant acid reflux (I'm taking lansoprazole).
Pelvic pain, often during intercourse. No reasons found.
Severe muscle pain, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Joint pain, swollen joints, stiffness. Crunching joints and difficulty walking.
Swollen glands around neck and under arms, regularly.
All-over body itches, seemingly unrelated to eczema.
Swelling and severe pain in both feet and ankles, for three months.
Occasional mild jaundice.
The shape of my feet has changed; with lumps on the toe joints and side of foot near the little toes on both. Toes unable to straighten fully. Fingers curled towards my palms.
Neck pain, along with stiffness. Unable to move my head towards my chest or from side-to-side without pain.

Apologies for the massive checklist. I just need an answer because it's ruining my life. I'm unable to work and friendships have suffered with the constant pain and exhaustion.

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