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LGV? 8 months no diagnosis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 27, 2010
  • 01:53 PM

~8 months ago I had oral sex with another man. I developed some minor irritation in my penis within a few days and visited the clinic. This was the start of MULTIPLE visits to the clinic. Nothing bad ever came from any swab tests/blood tests - apart from a slightly raised polymorph count from urethral swabs. I was presecribed Azithromycing (1g in 1 dose) - this failed to improve so then I was on Doxycycline and Metronizadole for a week. Again no improvement so then Azithromycin and Metronizadole for 5 days. At the end the polymorphs were gone but symptoms persisted. at around 6 weeks after exposure, symptoms irritation to urethral subsided but a sore throat persisted for months. This was accompanied by painful stabbing pains in the glands under my left side of my jaw. I could not feel any liumps as such but turning my head meant i could feel this inflammation when my neck touched my shirt collar. The inflammation over weeks then seemes to travel down my neck and eventually into my armpits - first the left then the right. For about 10 days I had 1 solitary lump came up in my right armpit then dissapeared and no otehr lumps since (may be unrelated). My liver area under front of my rib cage and through to my back under shoulder blade feels very uncomfortable - like someone standing on me.

Ive had HIV/Syph tests -ve at 7 months. All other tests earlier on for Chlymidia, Gonorrhea negative and repeated 2 or 3 times. Ive spoken to 3 STD consultatants and all insist I do not have any STD - BUT I think this could be LGV. I know it is rare, and rarer still in the mouth. BUT all consultatns said you get proctitis, but most website refer to swollen glands in armpit/neck and liver involvement via oral sex. I gather LGV VERY difficult to diagnose. I insisted on having throat swab tested by an unlicenced pcr test (?) for Chlamidia and this was negative. However, i was told Chlamidia doesnt survive long in the throat - but that once infected in thrat it invades lymphatic system tissues - and cant be easily tested.

I'm having further genral bloods done - all so far have been fine (e.g. not mononucleosis etc, but I did have a slightly raised ALT liver enzyme).

Im VERY SCARED - to the point that 8 months on Im not sure I can cope with the stres and worry any more. I dont want to tell my family physician about my history and clinic vists as i want this to remain confidential with them. The Consultants suggested my symptoms were stress related - but I do not agree. I have very definate symptoms that really hurt and I dont know what to do. There is so little literature on diagnosis of LGV acquired orally. Can you detect antibodies to Chlamidia in the blood stream for example - everyone seems to rely on swabs of affected areas- but clearlly if this bug can't survive in the throat it isnt surprising they got a negative result. Many web resources from reputable sources all say that LGV can be transmitted orally.


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