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Leg Sores, Swelling & Redness

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  • Posted By: mystmedwoman
  • March 22, 2007
  • 01:53 PM

I hope someone can help me. For the last three years I have had swelling, redness, pain and blisters on my lower legs. The blisters open and fluid comes out that burns my skin and makes more blisters.

I am diabetic (controlled), obese, hypertensive (controlled) and have panic attacks.

I have been to 5 doctors and none can help. So far no diagnoses has been give. I have been given antibiotics, creams, steroids, and been told to wrap legs in ace bandages to stop swelling. Nothing has helped.

Can someone here help me?

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  • OK, I know that people really do not like answers like this, but in your case, I have to say to find a really good, traditional Chinese doctor who does the full range of traditional Chinese medicine (accupuncture, herbs, etc.).The other thing I can think of is this...have you ever been to Africa or South America, or any other place where you could have picked up a parasitic disease that Western doctors aren't familiar with?Good luck,Shula
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  • If at all possible, I would recommend having the fluid inside the blisters examined. Perhaps a pathologist can find something specific in the fluid that might clue doctors into any kind of disease, infection or, as the other poster suggested, a parasite. The fact that the discharge burns would seem to be a clear indication that it is not normal bacteria which might be found in a pimple or other such nodule.I assume you have been to a dermatologist in regards to your case, as it is also possible you have a skin disease. Also, as you mention having diabetes, have you had a blood test done recently or consulted with a specialist in the treatment of diabetes? I seem to recall that skin related problems are QUITE common in people with diabetes, though usually only in uncontrolled glucose patients.
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  • After doing a quick search, here is a WebMD.com link about diabetes and skin problems:http://www.webmd.com/content/article/46/1667_51906You mentioned that you are obese which immediately brings up the issue of eruptive xanthomatosis so you may want to have your trygliceride levels checked. Also, you may want to have a thorough evaluation by a doctor to confirm your glucose and hypertension are, in fact, still controlled. The body can change over time and thus what worked originally might not work now (sorry if this sounds ignorant or rude; I can only speculate). The other one that jumped out was necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum in light of the region of the body and your specifically mentioning redness.You also mention panic disorder. Stress can cause skin problems and, if you already have diabetes, probably makes it easier to develop skin problems. Are you on any kind of medication for anxiety?I hope this is of some help to you. I know all too well that there is nothing more aggervating than doctors' inability to treat (or even explain) problems...
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  • Shula,I have never been out of Louisiiana:) but can understand the question. As for the Chinese Healer, I believe they can help;). All native medicine has validity. I didn't even think of this form of treatment. I will search my area to see if there are any Healers available:confused:.My best friend is a Reiki Master and I have not even asked for her help:mad:.Thanks you have opened up new avenues of hope for me.myst
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  • Hi Myst,Well, sometimes Louisiana seems like another country. :rolleyes:I'm glad you are finding other ways to approach the problem. Sometimes doctors can get tunnel vision, and we want them to have "the answer" so much, it is easy to forget that standard, Western-style medicine isn't the only way to go. That said, with the other problems you are dealing with, there are definitely useful things that our American Health Care system actually can work well with. Diabetes is something they usually are good at.One thing just occurred to me...excuse me if it is a bit, um, icky, but you mentioned that the oozing stuff is an irritant. And that is the part that makes your problem so confounding for me. But...have you ever had that ooze on any other part of your body? I am wondering if the ooze is irritating because of the content of the ooze, or if it is irritating because just about anything would be irritating when your legs are having that much problem. I was thinking about how people with eczema can get more eczema just from plain old water, when they are at a sensitive time.OK, letting my mind run on, and thinking about eczema, combining that with the fact that you have anxiety, and other medical problems, and combining that with my own, personal medical history...let me try something on ya'...Presently I am having a bunch of my own medical problems. And one night, last week, my legs broke out in a flat rash, very itchy. My friend suggested that my immune system/allergy system was just overloaded, and had an allergic "overload" rash.Here's the theory about allergies: in general, a person may be only X allergic to, say, bread mold. And they may almost never get an actual, obvious reaction to bread mold. But the immune system can only handle a certain level of assault. And when it is over stressed, even a tiny bit of bread mold will cause a reaction. Like a bucket in the rain...it can keep from over-running most of the time. It rains, fills up a bit, sun comes out, it evaporates. But if it rains too much, for too long, or the sun just doesn't come out, then the bucket will over fill with the next rain, even if it is only a little rain. (not sure all that is clear!) But that is one of the reasons that completely avoiding allergens for 6 months can sometimes clear up an allergy altogether--it gives the immune system a break, the immune system "resets," and then it can handle the normal assaults.I looked at the list of what you have done for your leg problems, and I didn't see allergy meds. I'm wondering if it is some kind of allergy that comes out worse when your immune system is on overload. Have you been to an immunologist or allergist? Just wondering out loud.Since you do have diabetes and a weight problem, along with the anxiety/panic problem, perhaps those things are combining with an allergy/immune problem. Maybe that is why it is stumping your doctors: because it isn't "one" thing, but it is the combination of all of it. Or heaven forbid, some kind of allergy to a medication you are taking. Well, that gets me back to Chinese doctors or other holistic practitioners, instead of Western medicine. Someone needs to help you balance your entire system, and recognize your leg problem as something out of whack with the whole system, rather than THE problem, itself. Maybe.Apologies for the over-long post. Figured if I was thinking this thing through, might as well write it out at the same time, yes?I do hope my ramblings are of some use...if nothing else, to let you know that you aren't alone in trying to figure out this anomaly. Write again, and let me know what you find.Best,Shulamit
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  • I am assuming they have ruled out cellulitis???? This is a common affliction for obese diabetics and it is difficult to cure--sorry. Good Luck and God Speed
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  • It sounds like a case of cellulitis. I suggest you go see your doctor so they can find out what kind of infection you have so that you can get some antibiotics. I would not let it spread anymore, it could affect your vascular system and you could develop deep vein thrombosis, which is a clot in your leg and is life threatening! The reason why you keep getting those blisters is because youre not getting something to treat it. You have to be careful NOT to pop those blisters because it can spread to other parts of your leg, which apparently is doing. Please have your MD check it out!!
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  • Everyone,I have been to 5 doctor in the last 2 years with no relief:(. I made an appointment with a dermatologist for next Tuesday. I am hoping he can help:confused:. God bless you all for listening to me. It helps to have someone to talk to about this.myst
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  • Hiya, I am a Podiatrist - it definately sounds like a diabetic related disorder - necrobiosis diabeticorum.Hope your dermatologist sorts it out.Good luckx
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  • OK, that is a nasty thing. Myst...here is a picture:http://tray.dermatology.uiowa.edu/DIB/NLD-005.htmand here is an article:http://www.faqs.org/faqs/diabetes/faq/part3/section-21.htmlTake a look, and let me know if that is what it looks like. Or if different, in what way.Best,Shula
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  • Hi Everyone,I saw a new dermatogist and he was able to diagnois my condition:). I didn't write it down but here is the way he said it to me. "lipoid amyloid dermatosis":confused:. He put me on a government funded study. He gave me lipoid cream to put on it, paints it with silver nitrate, activates the nitrate with light and has me wear support hose day & night. It is one week and it already is improving;).Has anyone heard of this? Can you help me find it so read up on it myself. I hope my legs get better and it is not cronic.Thanks for all your support.myst
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  • :( Well, if I were you go back to you doctor and say these words. (The name you have given me). Now this part is impotant because when you say it you must do it in such a way as to get his or hers undivided attention. Are you ready? good! Say Doctor why have you just given me the name for a condition that effects animals, you know, (dogs cats rats and etc.) because I looked up your words and entered them into the most powerful search engine (google) and that is what came up* o.k. do you think you can do this? well, good luck your gonna need it..;)
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  • Are you ready? good...Even though I am from Louisiana, I do not consider myself stupid. I do know how to conduct research on the most powerful search engine "Google". I also read and write, therefore giving me the option of looking up articles in medical books, articles and publications from various medical schools. I did google the diagnosis given to me and got nothing about animals. Are you sure you know how to run the search? I did get several articles that didn't apply to my condition but did see some articles with pictures that looks exactly like what I have. I also phoned my doctor to get the correct spelling of his diagnosis. I am seeing this doctor again this coming Friday (he is a Professor of Dermatology at Tulane Medical School). My legs have improved about 50% and the meds he gave me are working. I feel really sorry for you, some people here are truely suffering and people like you do not help their situation. Keep your sarcasm to yourself, no one here wants or needs it.
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  • :) Please believe me when I say i'm sorry because i truely am. Here is what i did, took the phrase and broke it down. I deviated from the norm by breaking it. If you enter Ameloid Dermatosis you'll see what i mean Throwing caution to the wind i entered the post. In the past there have been people with nothing better to do than sit at their t.v. set with beer in hand and make a mockery of these forums. In many circumstances they succeed, then they take pleasure knowing full well that someone with good intentions is out there scrambling for answers. These are very sick individuals, and these same individuals are sitting at home just to make themselves sicker..The information you looked up i looked up as well, there was some good information to be had, I sincerely hope you find your answers and i'm sure you will by the way your going about it. Oh btw Jacksonville Florida here. Have a great day!;)
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  • hogndog:),I did not mean to be so sarcastic in my reply to your post;). Have a safe and Happy Easter:D.myst
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  • :) No offence taken and thank you for replying to the post. Besides today is the most important holiday the World, Please enjoy http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u298/hogndog/Jesusworld.gifit.
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  • sounds like cellulitisknew someone who had it if you have cellulitis you will also needto get your heart checkedpeople with cellulitis also tend to have heart problemthat causes them to swell in the first placepulmonary edema
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  • http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u298/hogndog/4gewfw9.gif Good Morning* Somthing occured to me and i could kick myself for not doing this sooner. I have been a member for some time. I have always felt that the problems with others was so much more impotant than the problems i have incountered. Until this moment. The previous post to this one mentions the problem i've been facing for a couple of years now. (edema), i've heard from doctors (all sorts) even a few specialists. Friends family and self proclaimed do gooders (oop's) am i one of those? Now that i've gotten this off my chest, i come before you. Is there anyone else that suffers from severe edema? Im talking about my legs and feet. Now people are calling me Fred Flintstone Poor circulation has been discussed (tests results o.k.). But there ya go, that's just one and i have had a few others (opinons that is). Pacing the floor every night doesn't help and my poor wife is always by my side giving me encouragement. If there is anyone that can offer their opinion, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thank You all in advance.:)
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  • hogndog, where are you? I've been looking for you. I am still enjoying the pages you sent me. I still cry.Please respond as I have information that may help youBy the way, what do/did you do for a living?Looking forward to hearing from you...an old friend
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  • http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u298/hogndog/cbmig.jpg How about this, when I saw it was you I came running. Good news for a change, the edema that's been plaquging me? well Alleluiah my legs and feet are 98.9% better, believe It, It's true, I'm sorry for going on this way, no I take that back I love going on this way* Your curious about the type work I've done? O.k., my first job was mowing a lawn, my last job, truck driver delivering hazardous waste. In between? looking back through the record I've been at work all of that time with the exeption of 8 months when I moved. Now, what is that something you had to share with me?In *****t, Lee :)
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