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Leg Pain

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  • Posted By: Lauren612
  • April 30, 2008
  • 06:52 PM

Im a healthy 21yr old female. Since I was 5 years old I've had aching pain in my legs. At first it started out when I would walk or exercise to much. At first the doctors thought they were just growing pains. Then they said it was an antiverson in my hips that had not been caught at birth. They assured my parents I would grow out of this and it would not bother me much longer. Years later, the pain not only has not gone away but has gotten much worse. Numerous times I've asked my doctor about my condition and they say its cleared up and I just need to exercise more. Yet the more I exercise the more it hurts. Over the past two years its gotten so bad at times I can barely walk and spend most of my time sitting. I dont want to live with this the rest of my life. Im 21 and its hard for me to enjoy going out with my friends or doing normal things that I love to do. Is there anyone out there who might possibly have an idea what could be causing this to get worse? Or even have a simular story?
Thank you


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  • I sympathize. I have the same symptoms and am still trying to get a diagnosis!:( The doctor said I have symptoms of spinal stenosis (spinal cord compression) or maybe spinal nerve compression...but when he took an MRI of my lumbar spine, he said my cord compression was not so bad. I researched this condition, and it can occur anywhere in the spine. Do you have any back pain or stiffness? Does anyone in your family have back problems? Your leg pain might be from back problems. I hope this helps.:)
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  • Thanks, Im glad Im not the only person with this! I sometimes have lower back pain, but I did not think it had much to do with my legs. They always thought it was a hip problem, but now they are suggesting arthritis...I'm schedualed for an appointment soon, and I'll keep you updated do the same for me! Thanks again!Lauren
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  • You need to be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon.
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  • Hi Lauren, Yes...I would like to keep in touch. How do I do this on Wrong Diagnosis? Should I just reply to one of your posts? I am a female (age 55) and am new to computers. Since my symptoms are similar to yours, (mine started in 2001), I agree that we should keep each other updated. Perhaps we could help each other find a diagnosis! :)If your doctor does not find an answer right away, keep asking. I have been to rheumatologists and internists, and they still do not know why my legs hurt so much and get stiff and weak whenever I walk or stand. Next week, I am scheduled for an EMG to check for nerve function. I am scared of this test, because they give small electric shocks, and also stick little needled in the muscles. Has anyone had this test? Is it very painful? (The doctor is looking for nerve damage, since he said my lumbar stenosis is not bad enough to cause my leg symptoms.) I also have multi-level degenerative disc disease in all levels of my spine, and neck. I will let you know how the test goes, and if they find anything new, that could account for my leg problems. Maybe that test would help you also!
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  • Thanks again for your help. You could post me your email? and we cna keep in touch that way?
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  • Hi Lauren612, :)I don't want to put my e-mail on the forum because it will be there for all to see...but I DO want to keep in touch...I have some suggestions for you about your legs...and maybe you can give me some ideas too!...Also, let me know if your doctor finds out what is wrong? Because maybe that would help me get a diagnosis! Today I went to a NEW rheumatologist and he ordered some blood tests for Vitamin D, and Aldolase (this is a test for muscle enzymes, and no one ever ordered it before), and Creatine Kinase (this is also a test for muscle enzymes.) The rheumatologist gave me an exercise to do to strengthen my upper legs, but I kept telling him that my legs get very heavy, sore and weak AFTER I use them. So I hope he finds out what is wrong from the new tests! Perhaps your doctor should do muscle enzyme tests also! From what I have researched, leg pain can occur when walking from TWO types of claudication: vascular (not enough blood going to legs) or neurogenic (nerves are damaged somehow). My PCP said I have nerve compression in my lumbar spine, but that it was not too bad...so I am still searching for another cause of my leg pain!:confused:
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