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left side strange sensations/symptoms

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  • Posted By: pbgirl06
  • April 25, 2007
  • 03:50 PM

I started having strange symptoms in Late July/early August of 06. I am very reluctant to see a neurologist as we have high deductible health insurance and I know an MRI alone runs about $3000; also, I hear and read so often that many times, neurological testing is inconclusive and am so afraid of what a battery of testing might cost. Instead I have been seeking chiropractic care (have even done a little acupuncture) and therapeutic massage/stretching (I just started the massage treatment last week). All on my left side I have had at some point, twitching of my eye (once for a few days), also lower next to my nose (once for an hour or so), in the arch of my foot causing my big toe to ***k (very often/one of my main symptoms), in my forearm down to my hand (quite often on and off), muscle spasm in my left upper/outer arm (one time all throughout the night), muscle fluttering under my ribcage (while trying to sleep one night) and in my left inner thigh (once while sitting up at the computer). At times, I feel what I would describe as slight weakening pulses in my left arm and foot. During these times, I also sometimes have what I would describe as slight tremors which also affect mostly my left wrist area and hand, mostly my thumb. I also have experienced these slight tremors in my neck/head once in a while and this will last for a few to several days. A few times, I have even felt that I have stuttered, but don't know if this is coincidental. When the weakness and tremors occur, it is nothing anyone else would notice, but I know my fine motor movements are not 'smooth' as they should be. When I have this weakness in my foot, for instance, it will feel like it almost wants to 'bounce' when I push in my emergency brake on my car. At times, I just feel jittery in general (my blood pressure is fine and I am not anemic; my iron is actually a bit on the high side). It seems to go in cycles of the spasms and then the weakness and jitteryness; when I am in a 'weakness' phase, I will still have the spasms in my foot, however and sometimes very intermittently in other places. All of my bloodwork at my regular doctor's office has come out normal (thyroid/potassium/magnesium levels, etc). Quite strangely, my symptoms completely disappeared for about 5 weeks over the Christmas season and then returned for no apparent reason. I did suggest to my doctor that if this was something neurologicaly based, the symptoms wouldn't disappear, but she said with MS, sometimes this can be the case. I don't have pain or numbness; sometimes very slight tingling in my left hand down to my middle finger. I should mention, it seems whenever I have any other type of issue, it is my left side affected. I used to suffer migraines (hormonally based I believe) years back, for example; these stemmed from the left side of my neck/base of my head and around to my eye. I had a problem with my right jaw (TMJ) a couple of years ago, due to great tightening on the left side of my neck that was pulling the right. Also, most of my muslce tightness in general can be found on the left side of my neck/upper shoulder area and I sometimes have pain from this tightness from the left middle of my back between my shoulder blades on up to my neck (I work on the computer for my job). However, a couple of weeks ago, I must have slept strange and the tightness moved to the right in my neck, almost like I had a 'hitch' in it (couldn't turn my head very well). I was like that for 2 days and my strange symptoms on the left disappeared. I do not know if this was coincidental, as I know there are different sets of nerves that 'feed' the upper extremities, as opposed to the lower. If it is a pinched nerve, however, way up high in my neck (toward my brain stem?), I am wondering if I could be affected in my lower and upper extremities? I have had x-rays at the chiropractor's office and though my neck curviture is 'off' (forward by about an inch and a quarter from what it should be), there is no apparent disc hinderance. I do have some arthritis in my low back (ugh...I am only 37!). I also had bunion surgery on my left foot in 01 and think I have been 'favoring' it ever since as some testing I went through recently revealed that I am standing with 14 more pounds of pressure on my right side then the left. The only thing that I could possibly relate to anything that my have triggered this (other than that I seem to carry more stress on my left in general) was when I donated blood last summer and it was botched - had a horrible horrible huge bruise, pain, tingling; though, I would think, however, that should just affect my left arm and hand - not my upper arm, face or lower extremities. If anyone has any information for me, I would greatly appreciate it!http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/images/icons/icon11.gif

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  • If you muscles are mildly cramping or twitching, see if increasing your potassium levels might help. Bananas etc. Even if your blood levels were o.k. Also I get a 4-month eye twitch every year around June. Probably an allergy.I'm surprised you doc mentioned MS, if you don't have a difinitive diagnosis. Now you will be hyper-conscious of every twitch. Make sure you are taking a good vitamin with minerals like Centrum. Eat well, get enough sleep, do some yoga to relax and stretch your body.
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  • Thank you for your suggestions! I will increase my banana intake. I am already on some good supplemental vitamins. It is so strange that this has been going on for so long now and is all on one side, literally from head to toe...
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  • Centrum was actually found to be a poor multi-vitamin in terms of absorption. Consider a whole food vitamin alternative such as what Garden of Life makes. A good way to test a vitamin is to put one in a glass of water and measure the time it takes to dissolve. If it takes any longer than 15 minutes, your body is missing out on that portion of the vitamin.
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  • check out this site ahummingbirdsguide.com it is about ME myalgic encephalomyelitis see how many sx pertain to you, it's worth a look...mommy cat
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  • I take Shaklee products and know about the water test - - thank you! Looked at the symptoms for ME and thank goodness, doesn't seem to apply to me. No sickness...I am actually very healthy and rarely even get a common cold. No pain - - just these symptoms that have lasted for quite a while that are more an annoyance than anything. Thank you though.
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