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KY Warming Gel / Now being tested for HERPES?!!

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  • Posted By: RD7297
  • January 9, 2011
  • 00:26 PM

I have questions and concerns regarding possible Herpes and seeing if anyone ever had the same issue with KY Warming Gel. :confused:

I have a boyfriend who I see very rarely as he is in the Air Force. The first time I had sex with him was roughly 3 months ago. We never used KY then, and neither of us had anything appear or change in our genital areas.

Over New Years we saw eachother again. Needless to say, we had a lot of very rough sex over a 4 day period. Sex was unprotected, and like I said rough! Well the last day I was there, we decided to use some KY Warming Lubrication. I felt a little burning sensation, but we both figured it was due to being sore after all the previous sex. It didnt hurt bad, just a little at first. We had sex and this KY Warming lube was on both of us for about 2-3 hours, we then both took showers.

Now, I have never experienced any of the symptoms I will describe. I have been tested for STD's in the past, most recent was in June-July. I have had one partner other then my boyfriend since, which was protected.
My boyfriend advised me he is frequent to canker sores in his mouth and has been his entire life. It was never a life changing thing for him but he is prone to getting them. He has also very recently been tested, being in the Air Force, and is clean.

About 3 days ago...A total of 5 days after I left my boyfriend and used the KY...I felt a little itch in my genital area getting out of the shower. I investigated futher and felt two small bumps on the left side on my labia. They didnt hurt to the touch then but I was concerned. Worried about Herpes, I remembered my boyfriend having a bump on his lower lip the day I left. I asked him about it and he said no it hadnt gone away which was odd, bc it had been there a while.

Yesterday we both decided to go to the doctor, as I told him everything. My bumps became VERY painful as they turned into blisters that broke. I now had about 4-5 small lesions on the left side on my labia where I found the initial two!:mad:

I told my Doc about the circumstances of the rough, frequent sex, the use of the KY, and my BF's bump on his lip. She took a culture of my blisters, and a swab. She told me she believed I had Herpes but could not be definate until the test came back. She also tested me for Chlamydia.

My BF went to his base hospital, where his bump turned out to be a kind of plugged saliva gland which they removed. He was tested a couple weeks prior to my most recent visit, and they told him that if my test results came back negative that come back in bc as of two weeks ago, he was fine and he is expereriencing no kind of symptom.

Now I am waiting on my results. When speaking with the Doc about the KY...She actually brought this up. She said many girls had been coming in with yeast infections, or other issues after using the KY Warming Gel. She said this wasnt a proven statistic, just something she has noticed in her practice. I told her that we had used the KY the night I left him. I have used that stuff previously and never had an allergic reaction or anything such as this happen. But I was wondering if the sores could have come from that????

I have no other symptoms of Herpes (tiredness, bumps any where else, decrease of apetite, body aches, ect...). My boyfriend has nothing but the salivia gland issue (which was taken care of) and frequent canker sores since child hood. He said he had no signs of or canker sores when I visited him. I also saw nothing on or in his mounth.

I went down on him, he went down on me, vaginal and anal. We took showers before and after all sex (especially anal, so theres no dirty dipping if you will).

Again, neither of us have ever had sores or symptons of Genital Herpes. He has had canker sores since he was young (which I know is a type of Herpes). We were showered and clean, used KY Warming the one time and a few days later I find these two bumps that turned into blisters and broke. They are VERY PAINFUL to the touch!!! I got tested yesterday when she said she was nearly positive this was Herpes. Today I looked at myself and there are about 3-4 new bumps coming in. Two on the right side on the outter part of my labia now, and 1-2 more in the area it was before.

Any insight on this being Herpes? Ive read on this and know about shedding (possibility (of his older canker sores) shedding as he went down on me). Any other possibilty that this might be? And any known issues with this KY Warming Gel or bad experiences???

Sorry for the length but I really want some insight as I am a 23 year old female and I am deeply concerned for my future, my well being, and my childrens well being when I decide to take that path in the future. I am devistated, and feel deeply insecure although my BF said I wouldnt be in this alone :) Thank you for your time!

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