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Knee Problem

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  • Posted By: SMCardSM
  • July 27, 2008
  • 03:19 PM

13 days ago I got in a fight with my brothers and hurt my left knee. There has never been a lot of pain in the knee but it did have a serious amount of discomfort after the injury. For the first 8 days there was weakness in the knee and it would occasionally buckle under me while walking and if I bent my foot in towards my body or out away from it when standing the inside of the knee on either side of the patellar tendon felt like something was pulling (in the lowest portions of the knee). The immediate signs of the injury was slight swelling and the discomfort but after the swelling went down I did get some bruising on the outside portion of the top of the tibia, the bruising is gone now but there is still some slight swelling.

I went to the doctor and he found nothing wrong with my knee.

It's been another 5 days, 13 in total, and while the weakness has gone away I still feel the pulling when twisting my knee in either direction or when my foot is flat on the floor sitting in a chair when I bend my knee in or out.

Is this a sprain? An ACL strain? A patellar tendon bruise? A hyperextension? I want to know because I'm a college athlete and I want to resume my summer training but I am afraid to without having some idea of what may be wrong with my knee and what affects lifting weights and running might have on it.

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  • Here is another explanation of the pain I'm feeling. It seems like a sore spot on the inside of my right knee at the top of the tibia. Since then I have been experiencing soreness and tightness from that spot on my tibia. I mostly feel the tightness when I squat down or use my leg to push something from left to right. Backward and forward and running causes little or no pain, and I can bend my knee completely without pain when I am sitting, if I am standing and go into a squating position though I have pain and tightness rating about a 6 on the pain scale. When I press the tibia on the inside of my left leg it feels bruised but if I rub it the tenderness their goes away. The use of an elastic knee brace helps somewhat but does not eliminate the pain.I had a doctor look at it, but he was useless. He took x-rays and told me he couldn't see anything wrong. Since the doctor was unable to help me, I thought maybe some knowledgeable people out there could be of help.
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  • You need to have an MRI (or ultrasound with the leg in motion) for the doctor to be able to see if there is any tendon injury. It is very important to do this soon if you have a torn tendon you will get the best surgical result from a rapid intervention. I tore my quad tendon length wise and had two orthopods disagree about treatment one said surgery asap the other said no let it heal naturally, well months later it did not heal and I had surgery with a very mixed result I now have chronic pain, (see my website www.goodpainbadpain.com ) a third orthopod and a number of other experts in this area all say if you are going to operate do it asap. I really hope that you do not need an op but to know you really need to get the right advice. I have also found throughout that the physiotherapists I have seen (who did not have an interest in cutting me open) gave me the best and most unbiased opinions. Best of luck, please let me know how you went.
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