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knee locking?

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  • Posted By: katiej
  • December 19, 2006
  • 09:29 PM

I have had a problem with my knee for 12 years If i kneel, crouch or bring my leg too far up it gets stuck. It feels like two bones in my knee are crossing over each other. It causes me extreme pain and i need to go to hospital and ive had to have morphine and other really strong painkillers to help straighten it. I have been diagnosed with so many conditions over the years from growing pains, hamstring problems cartalige everthing
Im 20 now and this is distrupting my life has anyone else had this condition or does anyone know how i could maybe treat it?
Thank you

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  • I've had the identical condition for over 10 years on right knee. Been to four specialists, 2 MRI's, one scope, zero results. The doctors are baffled. If I cross my right leg so that the knee is hanging loose, or simply elevate it in some manner without support, or even if I let the right leg bend out too much while I'm sitting at a desk - it can slip (a big physical "THUNK") into lock condition and is VERY painful. Can't move until it unlocks ("THUNK"), which can sometimes take 1/2 hour or more, though I've learned some tricks that can usually unlock it sooner.It's a PHYSICAL LOCK UP and it's a BIG BONE that I can feel moves "out of place." And when it unlocks, I can feel it go "THUNK!!" back into place. That's the only way I know how to explain it, but when I tell the doctors this they tell me it's impossible. They surgically took out a small piece of Meniscus, but that's not the problem. It solved nothing. Sometimes I want to scream at the doctors, "G-d D-mit!!! It's a BONE and it's slipping out of place!! I know my body, I know relative sizes of internal movements. This is not a little piece of cartilage floating around. Why don't you believe me?" I've been experimenting during lock-ups, trying to isolate the problem area and the issue seems NOT to be on the knee itself, but on the right side of the leg below the knee about 2" - apparently near or at or slightly under where the Fibula connects with the Tibia, best I can gather from anatomy diagrams. I actually think the Fibula is coming out of normal joint. Based on my efforts to localize the source of lock, that's the only conclusion I can draw. I'm sure ortho doctors would scoff at this, but I'm convinced it's true. And until they can properly diagnose it and fix it, they have "no leg to stand on." I would enjoy talking with others who share this issue: JL (at sign) JPS (dot) NET. Maybe if enough of us got together, we could petition some medical college ortho school to do a small study on us all. I would travel anywhere in the world if I thought someone could truly fix this condition. It is misery to live with, though I count my blessings for the otherwise good health I have.
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    • November 20, 2008
    • 07:02 AM
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  • I had this problem when I was in my teens and it turned out after several tests that there was tissue growing to the back of my knee cap, they snipped it away and no knee locking or pain for almost 20 years, just started to act up again, the dr said it most likely would. may want them to check into that.
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    • November 21, 2008
    • 01:08 AM
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  • hi im 21 and i can remember this first happening in my very early teens it was the most frightening thing of my life, it happens evey now and again but less often as im gettin older. i believe this is because it only happens when im in a kneeling position when i sit on my legs with all my body weight. i can now feel it build up as if something is slipping and iv managed to dodge it locking by quickly taking the weight off of my leg. I work with children and some times cant help but have to get into this position i try to put the weight on my left leg as its always in my right leg. I put it down to me being overweight but quickly came to realise that if this was the case shouldnt it happen in both knees. It happens in exactly the same was as u describe above, as if 2 bones r crossing over n a thud to lock and unlock, when i was younger the pain was unbearable n i would sit and wait it out but this made me worse as i would panic- now, as sometimes i dont dodge the lock quick enough i end up pulling it unlocked as i try to move i have found this is like pulling off a plaster once its done its just gettin over the sting iv yet to find a safe way of unlocking without waiting it out and i have no idea what is happening n that i could possibly doing myself more damage infact it was only for it happening this afternoon n me still being in pain now 8 hours later that i decided to research it thank you for your input i will booking an appointment with my dr very soon x
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