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Kidney stone pain (imagination, I think not)!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 22, 2010
  • 02:44 PM

Hello everyone,

My name is Tiffany I am 28yrs old and have had kidney stones for the past 10yrs. In these 10 years I have gotten absolutely no where with these so called professional urologists. The most recent episode was at my now ex urologist’s office. I began seeing them for kidney pain. Like I said I have suffered with this pain and nausea for 10 yrs, so I know undoubtedly when I am passing one, right up until its about to actually come out. So back to my story. This urologist’s office seemed like all the others, very straight forward by the book in the sense of not thinking outside the box for treating their patients. I underwent 2 surgeries with this office to remove the stones. When I get the Kidney pain it is like to other! I work full-time, I am a mother, a wife as well as a student. There is no way I can lay in a hot bath or have a heating pad on all day long. So this office has sent me for numerous Ct s and x-rays as well as ultrasounds. The imaginary pain as they called it (me passing a stone) came about 2months ago. I called their office and said I was passing s stone and needed meds. I was in return told that I was not passing a stone and whatever pain I had had nothing to do with them. WOW!!!!! Are you serious? So 4 days later I passed the imaginary stone and brought it to their office in anticipation of saying “HA! Look what I have got for you. The stone that your expert Dr.s didn't think I was passing". I thought I was going to receive an apology for how I was spoken to and treated. But on the contrary, I was met by the Dr and he said "oh, where did this come from?" OMG, are you serious. I picked it up at the grocery store on the way over here; I passed it from my body smart guy. I then told this "expert Dr." that I knew that I was passing another one. He again told me that I wasn't, because it didnt show up on any of the tests they did. Same story as before. He instead said well you do have 6 in your kidneys now that we ca remove so you do not have any other issues. I agreed. I had the surgery, after I was wheeled out of recovery I was met by my husband who said "you are going to be *****d" I had no idea what he was talking about. The Dr. had spoken to him after my surgery and said when she went in to my kidneys she found no stones!!! What, so all the x-rays, cts and ultrasounds I had that clearly had shown these stones where now miraculously gone. Really. Well after the procedure that I had done which was a bi-lateral ureteroscopy, with "removal" of stones. I am now passing another imaginary stone and went back to my Dr and was told again that there was nothing there. She said I possibly had 4 more stones but there are just sitting in my kidney so there is no pain involved. BS my kidneys hurt. Does this make sense to anyone? Please help


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