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keep giving me drugs oxyconde,morphine-No one knows my problem, don't listen to me si

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  • Posted By: mariestorm1
  • February 22, 2007
  • 03:50 PM

:mad: My name is Marie and up until august of 2003 I had a great career, moved to the country, adopted a my grandson ( had brought up 5 children already. Meet Mister right, worked out aleast 3 times a week, walked dailey, gave up smoking. Very active since My career was on the road all the time, meeting customers and helping installing and programming telephone systems.Life was too good to be true. On august 25th 2003 had a install and was training on new system. Customer asked me to do a favor at the old site which they were moving from. Went to the washroom and then the next thing I knew I was falling. In order not to hit my head on the sink i twisted and fell ******n my back. I hardly could move, someone came in and helped me up. I do not like people to see me just laying there, I have a lot of pride. But I could hardly walk, breathe, and had a instant headache. I could not sit so they called an ambulance to take me to the hospital.This was around the same time as the sars scare so the hospitals were not too happy to see people and wanted to just get you out. They looked at me , gave me an injecton of morphine, and told me to see my doctor in 3 days. That it that all. Three days I could hardly move, saw my doctor and she did not understand why no xray or other tests we done. Now my nightmare begins, Mri of lower then of upper back, brain scans,nerve conduction tested,xray's so many I must glow at night. Lots and Lots of pills, try this and that . Throwing up because of the pills, gaining weight65 pounds in two years, but nothing to worry about because it is your age-BULL> I never weiged this much even carring my children, all around the middle, again no problem all the stats that you see are not true about women or any person gaining weight around the middle. So all the stats are wrong because no one wants to admitt that this is a biog problem. Starting having serve pain in chest, going to jaw and down arem, so had a stress test by needles because cannot exercise due to pain. Show no heart prblems, but the doctor staes that I could still have one and die the next day.. I have had more tests and still chronic pain, know it is in my head. See a head dortor who says it is because I'm adopted, what has this got to do with me falling.?I still do not sleep a full night because of the pain. Laying down and after about 10 mins the burning starts and keeps getting worse so I must chane and then it is the same in that postion. They have no idea what that might be, so of course more pills. I'm depressed they tell me so pills for that. Tell me to think postive which I was until they make me feel that it is me and only me. It has been almost four years, I am 5ft tall and weigh 165 pounds, I cannot walk, sit or stand for more then 10 minutes tops. I do not sleep. I cannot exercise due to the pain(physio is not an option tried three times and kicked out because pain increased and I could not do anything.) I am on 160 and rising oxyconde and morphine which just masked that pain and not for long anymore. I use a cane to walk because my leg just gives out which I have fallen downstairs and in malls.I just want MY life back. I have been told that I have buling disks and MRI do not pick up a;ll damage done so that this is the best I will be. Of course on top of all this I have workers comp to deal with, They do not want to pay unless I take all the garabge like the pills. I have lost all rights to my life over one simple slip and fall .Now I have to answer for the rest of my life to my new mother workers comp.Which I think they are hoping will be short so they can stop paying. You know pills stop the heart "OH" well she is gone case closed.

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  • did the have you checked for lupus?, what about your bones?, try to have them check your bones too. good luck!!!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 24, 2007
    • 00:26 AM
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  • My lord!!!! I've been looking through these threads forever, and it seems that we are going through just about the same thing. Two years ago, I was in a car accident, but in hindsight my problems statred about 6 monthes before then. But the car accident aggrevated my symptoms. The whole right side of my body is out of wack. Severe headaches on theright side of my head, Severe excruciating burning upper/lower back pain, sciatica in the hip. I use to have very low blood pressure, now it's sky high! I use to be very active, now I can hardly get off the couch. I've been tested for lupus, RA, AIDS, thyroid problems, nerve conduction test, had many MRI's, x-ray's, etc. Been to a neurologist. They found NOTHING!!! Finally, after a year, they found a tumor in the right side of my neck, 7 inches long, leading all the way down into my shoulderblade. My lymphnoids are also swollen. It's been almost a year since I've had the tumor removed and still in chronic pain. I am also on Oxycodone, 40mg every 4-6 hours, Baclofen, and Motrin 800. Also on an antidepressant, of corse all docs think you are crazy, right! My primary doctor has come straight out and told me that she doesn't know whats wrong. I"M only 27 years old! Wife and mother of 4. My kids and spouse is fed up. Don't know what to do!! GOod luck!!!!
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  • have you been tested for lyme disease? fibromalgia? MS? anti-depressants? its horrible what you are going thru, keep going to different doctors til you are heard. good luck to you! keep the faith!
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  • No, I have not been tested for Lyme disease, but I don't think that I have engaged in behavior to be exposed to the disease( I haven't had any tick bites, I don't frequent the woods). Nor have I been tested for fibromyalgia. I've looked up stuff about MS, I don't have some of the symtoms like vertigo or anything, but sometimes while sitting still, I start to twitch or my eyelid would spazz out.
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  • Misquitos and flies also bite and carry the tick illnesses.....You can also get a tick from your own back yard. Animals pass threw and drop ticks off. Co infections like babsiea, bartonella and more are possible with Lyme. Do some searches and you will learn alot . There are really no tests for Fibro. Fibro and Ms have been linked to undx'd lyme. Check out this link for more info. lymenet.org. best wishes ~~~Dee
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  • Finnally!!!! I've finally been diagnosed!!!! I have Fibromyalgia. Ask your doctor about it, you may have it too!
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