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Just discovered I have hypertension...but I really don't think I do. Opinions?

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  • Posted By: subfl0wer
  • May 17, 2010
  • 08:12 PM

Hey everyone! I am new to this message board. I read some of the threads and saw that a large majority of you are super helpful and supportive so I thought I'd try it out!
So here is my story.
Throughout my teens I have been obese. Ironically all throughout I have had perfect health (according to blood tests, blood pressure, heart rates etc.).
By the age of 21 I lost 140 lbs. I became very healthy, got into kickboxing, being active, and eating very very well.
Throughout my 20ies (we all go through crap during those times but it also rocks!) I have had a great life - travelled, fell in love, moved out etc. I am now 29, 5'10, perfectly healthy blood, ekg, urinalysis, organs are all in good shape, I weigh 206 lbs (the measly 35 I cannot seem to lose...stress perhaps?).
I moved to another province a year ago and have had a blast since.
The last 4 months however have been extremely stressful. My cat is sick and keeps me up all night (he has his good months and bad). So my sleep is up and down, I gained 30 lbs back, I hate my job, and my bf and I have been fighting on and off (its been really good lately though).
I went to a naturopath because I suddenly started getting dizzy spells. One after spinning class and one while I was watching TV. So I was concerned. I hate traditional medicine so I prefer a naturopath - for one they actually take their time and LISTEN to you, and they come up with natural ways to heal rather than popping pills.
So the first time EVER when I was checked I had a blood pressure reading of 176/94. She was NOT concerned because after all the stressful things Ive gone through she assumed it was temporary hypertension and just told me to meditate and take a break from work. Not to mention my blood pressure at Christmas of last year (4 months ago) was 130/80(which is what it always has been).
The only problem with this is my work has insurance and they ONLY approve an MDs note not a NDs note. SO I had to go to a doc (yuck) and get an approval from him to get some time off work. By this point I was SO nervous my blood pressure was reading 160/100! So of course he slapped on some water pills to lower it and diagnosed me with hypertension (without listening to ANY of my medical history). I was very hesitant taking the pills - my naturopath was neutral about the idea - I guess because she can't say DONT TAKE THEM because then she is responsible right?.
So I started the pills - lost 8 lbs in 3 days and felt HORRIBLE. I went back to the doctor and he then gave me ANOTHER PILL - a beta blocker, and again felt horrible for another 3 days.
About a week and a half later my blood pressure is back to normal reading at 130/80. Coincidentally enough I am a lot less stressed as I haven't been going to work, and I meditate every night.
I went for my first physical this morning with my new family doctor (the other doctor I was seeing who diagnosed me is a walk in clinic doctor. My family doctor who has been seeing me since I was little is in Montreal and I moved to Vancouver). She did not listen to anything I said. I basically TRIED explaining I have been under a lot of stress and back in December my blood pressure was reading normal. She said I have to stay on these pills for life, UNLESS my pressure goes too low, or I was misdiagnosed? She is waiting to see my test results from my previous doctor which all read perfect before she can say anything else.
I just feel very frustrated in all of this. I lead a very healthy life, I dont smoke, drink, I eat a bag of chips once a week as my treat but the rest of the time all organic, I go to the gym 3 times a week...the only thing I can figure out is it is due to stress. But no one wants to hear that.
This doctor even asked if I wanted to hear about pills to help me lose weight????? It seems every time I go to a doctor they slap pills in my face.
I really am curious to hear anyones opinion on this.
Thanks for reading :)

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  • Yeah the naturopath cant really tell you not to take the blood pressure pills as if anything then happened she'd be in HUGE trouble!!! (and i think she could get into trouble anyway if a doctor complained about her for telling you not to take, even if you werent getting into trouble). Naturopaths are not doctors and are not allowed to act like them.... Do a search for "white coat syndrome". Yeah it really has a name for just that. Sounds like it was at least part of the issue.
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