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Just anxiety?

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  • Posted By: GD2005
  • April 13, 2008
  • 10:02 PM

Hi Everyone,

I'm curious to see if anyone else has had similar symptoms.

I began having abnormal neurological symptoms in 2006 (sudden onset) and have seen the gamut of physicians. After ruling out pretty much every potential neurological disease/condition along with thyroid problems, lyme disease and lupus, the doctors eventually said it must be anxiety (I had been under excessive stress for a long period of time).

While I accept the fact that anxiety can cause mult-system symptoms, I still feel that anxiety is not the complete answer.

Here are my symptoms:
- Involuntary movements: Head shaking back and forth (like I'm saying "no") for 5-10 seconds; legs and arms jerking out randomly; and knees buckling
- Difficulty seeing at night (especially while driving)
- Difficulty staying asleep
- Irritability
- Footcramps (arch)
- Dry skin
- Frequent bloating and burping
- Tired and nauseous after eating
- Bruising and scarring easily
- Brief, involuntary abdominal contractions that cuts off my air when I'm in a hot shower (feels like someone punching me in the stomach)

I truly appreciate any feedback. Thank you so much for your time and thoughts!

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6 Replies:

  • How old are you are you a man or woman? Joan Yes, by the way, stress can do a LOT of funny things to the body, but lets not rule out physical stuff yet,...let me know...hope I will have a few ideas....Joan
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  • Thanks for your reply! I'm a 24 yr old female.
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  • Welll, I am familiar with thryoid problems, so for me I still might suspect thryoid. It can really be tricky and not all doctors are up on the latest in terms of interpreting the lab work....Do you have a family history of thryoid disease? What are your values for Ft4, FT3 and TSH? Can you post them here? And were you tested for autoimmune disease of the thryoid, Graves and Hashimotos (these are very common)....and or other autoimmune diseases (you did mention lupus...)? Eating seems to be a problem so what about celiacs disease, or other food sensitivies or even food allergies. Have you ever done a food elimation diet or something similar to identify problem foods? Food and digestive problems can really effect your whole body. And were you tested for Diabetes...that is the fasting diabetes test? BYW: have you started BCP or started a new type? BCP can do funny things to a women as well.....and keep in mind you may have more than one thing going on but it can all be sorted out.... I might recommend a D.O. who is a medical doctor trained in the traditional sense, but open to more holistic approach with alternative meds like vitamins, exercise, detox, kampo and even acupuncture. It might be a good choice for you since you seem to have multiple issues and may need a whole body approach....at least might be worth talking to one or two...interviewing them and see....Joan
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  • Here's a couple things most neurologists don't know about, that could be consistent with your symptoms:Celiac diseaseHashimoto's EncephalopathyI too had repeated neuro and thyroid work-ups with no success- it took 8 years and 8 neurologists to figure my case out. Finally, the last neurologist- a movement disorder subspecialist, checked me for celiac disease and HE. So far, I don't have celiac, but my thyroid antibodies were quite elevated, so I was diagnosed with HE.Most patients with HE (which is a rare complication of autoimmune thyroiditis) have normal thyroid hormone levels. You need to check thyroid ANTIBODIES to make the diagnosis, but doctors are not trained to do this unless hormones are off first. Since most doctors have not heard of HE, i suspect many cases are being missed, and there are scores of women out there being treated like they are nuttier than a jar of Skippy... when they are seriously ill and could be helped with steroids.I'd get another neuro opinion. Sometimes it can take a few of the same kind of specialist to figure out a case. A neurologist might be able to witness the abnormal movements and decide if they are chorea or myoclonus, which may be helpful. There are other things it could be as well, and hopefully they will check for them.Remember, though, most neuros have not heard of HE and many don't even know the neuro complications of celiac. Find an open-minded doctor who won't blow this off as anxiety and will get to the root of the problem, whatever it may be.Best Wishes
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  • Thanks so much for everyone's suggestions! I had actually considered the possibility of Celiac Disease as well. Although no one in my family has ever been tested for it, we have a lot of the symptoms and commonly associated illnesses. I will be sure to look into everyone's suggestions.
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  • Hi Everyone, I appreciate everyone's feedback to my posting a couple of weeks ago. I have a couple of updates that I am curious to see if anyone has any advice/experience. Since my last posting, I've developed a low-grade 99.0-100.00 fever that has lasted 13 days. In addition, I've been developing night sweats, broken blood vessels on my chest, back, arms, and legs, and I've noticed a swollen gland in my neck that is not tender. My CBC from last week showed everything within normal range. Any thoughts? I'm probably being paranoid, but is it possible to have cancer (such as lymphoma) with a normal CBC?
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