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Just alittle help PLEASE!

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  • Posted By: mardarden
  • December 21, 2006
  • 09:16 PM

For the pass 5 years I have been running back and forth to all kinds of specialist just to be told the same thing over and over again, "I can't figure it out"! I have mild to severe joint pain that tends to occurr every 2 to 4 mos. sometimes the nerves in a particular area seem to be affected.........electrical sensations in neck, shoulder arm (upper&lower), lower left back, fingers toes, and various other body parts. I have a ice water burning sensation that goes up the back of my head to the crown whenever slight pressure is put on area of head in the back close to the nape of the neck. Doesn't always happen, but is very uncomfortable when it does. Have chest to back spasms, has caused emergency room visits with xrays and cat scans showing nothing. Severe pain sometimes accompanies this. My joint swelling and pain is transitional like..........meaning it never hits the same join every time. sometimes it's bi-lateral, meaning both sides of body at same time., at other times it has not been. Pain and swelling of my feet has been cause for gout testing (not conclusive), values aren't high enough to diagnose, but not low enough to say not! Rhumetoid arthritis not detected, MS not detected, ANA's have been at times positive, at other times negative, Have had bouts with involuntary facial and eye movements, rashes on face, neck and shoulders. Swollen lymph nodes, with pain and not. sometime headaches so severe can't open eyes or look upward. Ulcers in nasal and mouth areas periodically. Memory loss,short term, sometimes can't remember where I am for a few minutes, loss of time has occurred for brief seconds or minutes. Ibs with consipation has been a diagnosis. Rheumatoid Doctor said "hey let's say fibro myalgia, ok!'. I have been scheduled for numerous surgeries only to have symtoms dissappear completely. Once had a episode where spasms would start in upper chest area, spread around to the back area like a band was placed on me, and would literally knock me out of bed. That was the strangest because I knew when it was about to hit, I could only scream and get off the floor back into bed over and over again, this lasted for 5 days. At the emergency room, they started to prep me for gall bladder surgery only to have test come back negative after I ask them to wait. The ultra sound proved negative. I have been on crutches off and on for the last 5 years. My daughter had simular symptoms and finally was diagnosed with lupus by blood specialist. She also has rheumatoid arthitis. I thought maybe she had inherited those from myself, but the doctors refuse to even entertain the idea. Please if someone has experienced some of these symtoms and has been helped, help me. I don't know how long I can deal with this. The flare ups seem to come more often now. thanks for reading, I know it's a bit much (and I only skimmed the surface).

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