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Journey with me. Lymes Disease/Post Lyme's Disease Syndrome and now Wilson's Syndrome?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 28, 2014
  • 04:14 PM

I recently had Lyme's Disease. The treatment is antibiotics. About a year ago, after trying antibiotic attempts, my Lyme's Disease symptoms remained. Fogginess, stiffness, SEVERE exhaustion to name a few. Persistent Lyme's disease symptoms after treatment is called Post Lyme's Disease Sydrome (PLDS). Another way of saying they don't really have a treatment for Lyme's unless they catch it early. I had it for years. Please note that many have PLDS without ever knowingly been bit by a tick. I never had a rash and was diagnosed.

I researched treatments for PLDS - treatments are pretty much non-existent. The main treatment is IV drops of anti-biotic which produce little beneficial effects where the antibiotic drip causes more harm than the PLDS is causing. I found a cure and I suspect will work for others.

Lyme's Disease was a government bio weapon's program, at Plum Island just across from Lyme Connecticut (where the disease was first discovered in 1975). There they developed syphilis into a super syphilis that somehow got into the public, either by a accident (deer swimming to shore) or they released it on purpose. If you doubt the government's ability to unleash harmful things on the government, look into the Tuskegee Experiments.

Spirochete bacteria creatures live inside your body. I researched colloidal silver and found a $29 bottle of colloidal silver. I did some more research and stumbled onto colloidal silver which killed them in my case. As the critters die, they release poisons that made me very sick for about two days, but I was smiling through the whole thing, as I knew what the sickness meant. I took Milk Thistle during this time to support my liver.

After 20 days I noticed my stiffness was gone. It felt great after years to be able to put my socks on without pain. Note, I use colloidal silver for many things.

Some symptoms persisted though. Fogginess and my exhaustion turned more into what feels like low blood sugar. The medical establishment has lost all credibility with me (for other reasons as well). So I started doing more research stumbling on Wilson's Syndrome. I started my investigation by assigning a number to my tiredness, 1 being - take on the world and 10 being almost dead.

After taking my temperature several times each day for a week, I plotted the temperature vs my tiredness rating and found two main things. 1) I have consistent low body temperature ranging from 95.1 to 97.3 and 2) my body temperature matched my tiredness rating (remember, I assigned a rating before I took my temperature) -amazing.

OK, now I am on to something. Perhaps I have Wilson's Syndrome. I take Synthroid for Hashimoto's disease, and have had it for over 10 years.

I am considering teaching my doctor and changing to a T3 therapy. But I'm *****d about the whole thing. My doctor should have told ME about colloidal silver. He should have told me about T3 therapy. He is going to get an earful the next time I visit him.

My advice is no one cares about you. Really. Not your doctor, not your family not even your spouse - who all think it's in your head. Maybe you will get sympathy and advice from like minded people here. You certainly can't trust most doctors or mainstream medical establishments. You can go to 4 different places / doctors and get 4 different treatment plans. You have to care about yourself and spend hours of researching to be sure of what you have and how to treat it. I am currently looking into all kinds of things with an open mind, including Dr. Rife, who all evidence shows that him and his colleagues were murdered to hide his findings.

Ill post my experience with my doctor as I should be going this week (Sept 29, 2014).

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