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Joint Swelling and Rash With Drawings!

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  • Posted By: SeattleWeather
  • May 27, 2009
  • 03:17 PM

Hi everyone.

My problems started on Sunday. I am a 29 year old Male. Don't have any medical problems other than my wrist hurts because I use it to do art.

The Problem:
My joints swell up and I get this swollen rash at each of the joints and also on my pelvic and butt regions. refer to images below.

1. It only happens at night.
2. Once I wake up, and start moving about the swelling and rash starts to go away.
3. This morning I woke because the pain was so bad in my wrists.

Here are some drawings I did this morning. There is a drawing for every day since Sunday including this morning.

Thank you for any help or advice!





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  • You've no causational theories? Any new drugs, vaccines, foods, events?
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  • Have you had any blood work done (sed rate, RA factor, WBC, etc.)? Could you please describe the rash in more detail (raised, flat, itchy, dry, pustules, etc)? When you swell, if you were to press on the swollen area with a finger gently, would the mark stay or go (pitting edema)? Sorry for all of the questions, but we need some more information in order to help you out.
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  • Hey!Blood work is being done right now. Hopefully some results on friday.I did a quick drawing of the rash. I realize a picture would be better, and I will try and get one, but the rash starts to fade so quickly after i get up in the morning i have to be quick.http://thehastingsbrothers.com/rash/rashDrawing.jpgIt is raised and puffy. But then fades with the swelling and just turns pink and blurry.I thought it might be food related at first. I ate at an Italian place over the weekend where I had some strange mushroom dishes. one was full of local mushrooms and also the subsequent dish had a variety of strange kinds i had never seen before. I also had this duck liver pate on bread while i was there. But since I have just been taking the food thing lightly since then I am just not sure. Another thing is I just went down south a week ago to be in my brothers wedding and it was on a farm. So I thought it might also be a tick bite. But Since I feel fine while I am awake and only bad when i sleep that seemed strange.Also. about 3 weeks ago I got bit by something that made my arm swell up and then once the swelling and pain was gone, 2 hard knots formed like rocks under the skin, but those are almost gone now, I can't really feel themOne more variable: I got sick after the wedding, felt like just a cold or something, I am almost over it, just coughing a little, but I have been feeling better since saturday. There were a bunch of little kids at the wedding as well.SO yeah. It could be a number of things.
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  • If the rash fades that quickly upon waking and moving around, I would check into contact dermatitis.
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  • Get tested for Lyme
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