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Joint pain... underlying cause?

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  • Posted By: afwife
  • March 23, 2012
  • 03:54 PM

Hello all, I'm new here but hoping someone out there can help! I am a 24yr old female with no history of joint pain and no underlying conditions, except borderline high blood pressure.

Three weeks ago I had a cold. I went to the doctor for the usual round of cough suppressants and decongestants, and he also addressed my blood pressure, which was higher than usual - I'm usually around 133/92, and this was 144/112. He prescribed 17.5mg HCTZ, sent me to the lab for routine blood tests, and scheduled a followup. The next week, my bp was back to 133/92, which prompted the doctor to double the dosage to 25mg HCTZ. Also my TSH levels were a little high so he ordered more thyroid tests. That was 11 days ago, and I just found out that those tests showed up normal.

Four days ago (Monday), while still waiting for the results of this blood test, I began to get back pain, which quickly spread outward, up and down my spine, along my shoulder blades, accompanied by a wicked headache. Took some ibuprofen and tried not to worry.Tuesday this had turned into pain in every major muscle group, along with stiffness and pain in all joints, especially elbows/wrists and knees/ankles. More ibuprofen, orange juice, etc. Wednesday felt like I had carpal tunnel, stiffness and pain in all joints, now including neck and shoulders. The feeling is like pressing on a bruise, and sometimes a burning sensation. Woke up feeling miraculously better Thursday, but worse again by evening, and now back to mostly the same shape as I was earlier in the week. I gave up and made an appointment to go see the doctor first thing Monday. Until then, my questions are:

What could be causing the sudden onset of all this pain?
Should I take a nurse's advice and cease taking the HCTZ, and request a different way to control my high bp from my doctor?
Do I need to be concerned about a vitamin deficiency, and could that be the cause?

Thanks in advance!

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