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joint pain, chronic lasting more than 6mths / depression/ anxiety disorders

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  • Posted By: tanner12321
  • December 7, 2009
  • 08:10 AM

19 year old male, used to be in super good shape when i was in grade 10 so around 16, then i hurt my right shoulder boxing.
when i was a kid i hurt my right knee playing basketball
broke my left tibia
doctors thought i shattered my wrist bone, but i came back 3 weeks later and it was just ' muscle damage'

okay so that's a little history for you. now :

mri arthrogram showed suprasprinatus, infrasprinatus, and teres minor tendonitis, insufficient amount of dye administered into shoulder, slap tear not ruled out, but wasn't shown, i have to go back for another.
it has worsened, just basically gotten more painfull, i have been sitting on my **s for like 8 weeks because i got let go of my job landscaping, so obviously some atrophy, but for the first while, i tried to keep in shape. But back to the worsening right shoulder, its gotten more painful, pain in different places, with a more lasting effect, it also pops when i raise my arm and lower it out to the side, it feels like a more posterior medial popping when i put my hand on it, but i don't know.

right shoulder seems to pop like right out, even though it shows no depression when i 'pop' it. constantly worrying about subluxation and pain.

left hip, -- i was doing p90x which is a workout plan, thing, and i was doing alot of flutter kicks -- snapping hip syndrome ( self diagnosed ) when it snaps it feels like its an illiopsoas snap not your run of the mill tibial.
slightly less exaggerated in the left hip

still sore right knee, left knee becomes sore medially when crossing legs sitting down, by crossing legs i mean your oldschool meditation leg crossing, not saying i meditate, nothing against meditating, i just like to sit on my bed sometimes -- ANYWAYS

depression, anxiety mostly pharacophobia, ocd-- slight.
the reason i'm bringing these up, is because i'm wondering if its all in my head, and by that i mean, most i'd say if not all people with depression and anxiety, have some tempo of hypocondriasis, since the acutall definition of hypocondriasis is just a more heightened awareness of bodily functions and certain phobias, as per relating to the body, not your crazy aunt who thinks that her arms gunna fall off because she drank to much gateorade while on advil in space.

so yeah, i'm approx. 63 200.8lbs , long legs small torso, a lanky build, was really skinny up until grade 11 around new year, and had a hard time putting on weight, but since then when i was around 16.5 almost 17, (born in march) i see that as normal, my last growing spurt. my grandfathers a chubli man, my moms not the worlds skinniest person, but shes definatly not fat within the normal range by far.

my father has cfs, fibromialgia, depression, anxiety, personally i think hes a crazy **s, but some people just call him a radical christian.
the source of his cfs fibromialgia and depression/anxiety all stem from a car accident though. soooo. DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS PEOPLE.

no but seriously, oh yeah i also have tendonitis in both of my elbows, i'm thinking referred pain from shoulders, any thoughts.
sorry for the novel, but seriously, people who read these forum things, do you actually have anything better to do, this is practically sherlock holmes.

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