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joint pain and deteriorating eyes....in my own ***l for 3 months please help.

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  • Posted By: Tina15
  • March 24, 2009
  • 02:35 AM

Hi all,

I guess i'm resorting to being my own doctor since no one else can seem to tell me what' wrong. I have never in my life been this scared, you usally feel ill go to the doctor and they can fix it right? Pretty wrong in my case. I started to have visual problems in January with floaters, extreme sensitivity to light, if i watch tv or the computer images would remain in my field of vision for a few minutes when i turn away. Then along came my joint pain. I would feel stiffness and pain throughout my body.

I saw my GP he sent me for a battery of tests, everything checked out fine. I was sent to an opthamologist and he said everything was fine and to see him in a month, i saw him after a month and i was just terified with the sypmptoms getting worse and he went on to get mad at me and tell me it's all psycho sematic....i was quite upset for him saying that to me. I saw an ENT and the ENT said everything checked out fine ( i thought potentially my sinuses could be the cause of the problem). Then half way through january i ended up in emerg with my lip going numb, i was then told to have a cat scan....and you guessed it, nothing came up. I paid for an MRI and everything came up fine. I'm at my wits end.

I have had nights where i see a bright patterned checkerboard over my ceiling. If i close one eye after a bit it loses focus and i start to get a black haze. My peripheral vision seems to lose focus quickly. The term frightened doesn't even explain what i have been going through. My eyes are just not what they were and i need help. Has anyone gone through this and can anyone shed some light for me....i'm terrified and i just want to be helped.


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  • You could have developed an severe allergy to something. Have you had that checked out?
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  • How old are you? How many hours to you spend at a computer or otherwise sitting down? Did you have the anxiety before your vision began messing up? Please describe your joint pain more specifically.
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  • OK, So i'm 29 years old. Prior to this i had to use the computer for work but now i have taken time off and am only on the computer about 15 minutes per day. My joint pains come some days and go other days. WHen it does hit me bad it hits my knee, ankle, toes, arms, hands....it's almost everywhere. I have had no anxiety prior to this but i can tell you having this problem with the eyes has sure brought some out of me. I'm just trying to find some light since i'm not getting answers from doctors....i even potentially throught could this be something auto immune?
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  • This sounds like it could be arthitis. Arthritis would effect your joints in the way you're describing. it is also is known to effect the eyes. You may want to look into this as these are the same type of symptoms my friend has when he has an attack of arthritis.
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  • Your joint pain and eye problems could be unconnected i.e. joint problems sound like arthritis or could be auto immune get your doctor to do a blood test. Your eye problem with the floaters etc could be down to retina problems.http://www.nei.nih.gov/health/floaters/index.aspA numb lip can be caused by a viral infection, which will also cause joint pains and stiffness and can go on for weeks if you're run down.Just a thought but maybe your floaters be down to migraines? Godd luck
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  • Forgot to leave you this linkhttp://ezinearticles.com/?7-Things-You-Should-Know-About-Optical-Migraines&id=400395
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  • Thank you everyone in advance for the responses i appreciate it so much. I'll answer some more questions that have been asked: Migraine - initially this is what the doctors thought it was and i was sent to every specialist high and low. In my first opthamologist visit he thought it was migraine as well. With my second appointment my symptoms became worse and he came to the conclusion that some of the things happening were not actually migraine. I haven't been tested for allergies, which is the next step i may consider thank you for reccomending that. I may just list off my symptoms since i may have forgotten some: 1.) floaters2.) sensitivity to light3.) my peripheral vision starts to haze out when i'm focussing on something4.) when i wake up in the morning i see almost a dark haze over my eyes and when i blink i see almost like litte bright nerve endings over my eye.5.) sometimes when its really bright out and i look at a white wall or something white it looks like there are tons tiny little bright dashes in my vision6.) now i'm starting to get haziness in my central vision.7.) My pupils tend to pulsate8.) joint problems This has pretty much been since the first week of january. MRI and Catscan are perfect and my opthamologist says the retina and cornea are healthy. I just can't figure it out and i'm not really living my life the way a young woman should be. It's not only affecting me but the people around me as well. If anyone can shed some light i thank you sooooo much.
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