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Jerking, Twitching of Muscles

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  • Posted By: EMertens
  • June 16, 2008
  • 02:03 PM

First I would like to explain, when I was around 14 years old I went through the same thing my daughter is going through right now. So I know it is passed through the genes.
She is weak, unable to sleep, crys for no reason at times, her heart races has complained of chest and stomach pain. Her muscles ***k and twitch. Mostly her stomach area but her shoulders as well. Shes complained of numbness in her arms and has soft stool.
No one seems to have an answer. Her doctor give her xanx and put her on zoloft. The xanx seems to help a little but the jerking and twitching still is visible.
This all started while we where on vacation with her. She said she didn't feel well, said her heart was racing and she felt faint. We took her to the hospital but they could not find anything wrong. The next day the twitching and jerking started.
This has been going on since April. We have taken her to heart specialist because of the teckacardia shes had. We have had test after test and no one seems to have an answer for us.
We are currently seeking counseling for her, the counselor says she has never seen someone with this problem in all the years she's been in this field. Still no answers.
My daughter has always got up every morning at 5am, got dressed went to school. when she come home she did her homework, got on the computer, watched her tv shows then went to bed. She made good grades and couldn't wait until she got to school.
She was in a club that meet every Thursday after school. This was her routine everyday until our vacation. Now she has missed everyday of school since March 13th. She will have to take all her classes over again next school year.

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  • Blaze.. you didnt read the posters post properly... her daughter came down sick while on vacation.. away from the computer!.................... Your poor daughter.. it sounds to me like a real physiological issue of some kind rather than a psychriatric issue in which counselling is going to fix. I have brain issues sometimes so Im struggling here to get together what I want to say..but I can think of a medical problem which affects heart (makes it beat fast at times) and other things.. maybe it's her isssue. I cant remember what it's called..but Something to do with adrenal?? hormones.. maybe she's getting a rush of hormones (overload) being released eg adrenaline??? overload. (maybe someone else here can give the name of what im trying to say). Hormones??? affecting the sympathetic nervous system... this could also cause crying for no reason and other symptoms like she has. i just looked up the "fight and flight" response to try to work out what on earth im trying to go on about lol, i think im trying to talk about excess of hormones which also can produce that response. Similarly, an abundance of catecholamines at neuroreceptor sites facilitates reliance on spontaneous or intuitive behaviors often related to combat or escape trembling, shaking/jerking, increased heart rate, emotional overload, spontanous crying etc all can be certain signs of a certain sudden hormone release of adrenaline (adrenaline is a catecholamine). I think excessive qualities of this is testable by a urine test. Problems with this can be caused by an issue with the hypothalamus, pituatory (sp?), adrenal pathway... (or another issue)............. hoping my post made some kind of sense. She needs a certain urine test!
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  • Hi EmertensI am sorry to hear about your daughter's problem. I was wondering, where is the twitching happening? face, or arms/fingers? The numbness in her arms, is it tight and painful as well as numb?are the surrounding muscles knotty?What exactly were the symptoms of the illness she came down with on holiday?
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  • Tachycardia is common in seizures. Some possibilities: Brugada syndromeepilepsy Also try here: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/466837_3 I agree that this sounds like something wrong with the body, not the mind.
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  • Where did you go on vacation? There are certain diseases and infections that can be picked up in certain regions of the world, here in the U.S. and other countries, especially Africa. Where are you from? I know this is a difficult question, but is it possible your daugher could be using methamphetamines?Here are side effects of a drug called ADDERALL, which is used to treat Narcolepsy and ADHD. I have took this drug for 2 weeks for ADHD and it cause the same sorts of problems you listed. EXTREME emotions including crying for no reason, muscle twitches, irregular heartbeat, rapid heartbeat (I could literally feel it pounding in my chest), lightheadedness, dizziness, confusion, loss of awareness, staring off into space and some others. I had all these. Another name for ADDERALL is 'Amphetamine Salts'. Here are the symptoms of ADDERALL, which will be the same for Amphetamines. This is a direct quote from RXlist.com.SIDE EFFECTSCardiovascular:Palpitations, tachycardia, elevation of blood pressure, sudden death, myocardial infarction. There have been isolated reports of cardiomyopathy associated with chronic amphetamine use.Central Nervous System:Psychotic episodes at recommended doses, overstimulation, restlessness, dizziness, insomnia, euphoria, dyskinesia, dysphoria, depression, tremor, headache, exacerbation of motor and phonic tics and Tourette's syndrome, seizures, stroke.Gastrointestinal:Dryness of the mouth, unpleasant taste, diarrhea, constipation, other gastrointestinal disturbances. Anorexia and weight loss may occur as undesirable effects.Allergic:Urticaria, rash, hypersensitivity reactions including angioedema and anaphylaxis. Serious skin rashes, including Stevens Johnson Syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis have been reported.Endocrine:Impotence, changes in libido.Drug Abuse and DependenceADDERALL® is a Schedule II controlled substance.Amphetamines have been extensively abused. Tolerance, extreme psychological dependence, and severe social disability have occurred. There are reports of patients who have increased the dosage to levels many times higher than recommended. Abrupt cessation following prolonged high dosage administration results in extreme fatigue and mental depression; changes are also noted on the sleep EEG. Manifestations of chronic intoxication with amphetamines include severe dermatoses, marked insomnia, irritability, hyperactivity, and personality changes. The most severe manifestation of chronic intoxication is psychosis, often clinically indistinguishable from schizophrenia
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  • New to the forum. Where did everyone go on this thread, did it suddenly stop!? or am I in the wrong area now. I'm further interested. My mother has some similar symptoms. She had this apx. 10 years ago, lasted for about 6 months or so, then gradually got back to old self after about a year. Now about 2 weeks ago started back. I think it is stress related, but I'm not a doctor. She has muscle "jerks" that go from just below her left breast to about her belly button and seems to feel her heart jerking as well and has a heavy feeling in her chest, she gets some shortness of breath and is very weak and trembly and scared she is going to die. 10 years ago it finally got so bad she just barely could get out of bed to go to the bathroom or eat. She saw numerous doctors, checked her heart thoroughly, went to ER several times as she thought she was literally dying as she couldn't breath, even though oxygen sensors on her finger showed oxygen levels OK. She did breath tests, I went in with her once and she could hardly even move the sensor on the breath test and they couldn't get any readings, but oxygen level on finger still ok. They always just sent her home and said it was just a panic attack, but we both strongly disagree, however I think it may be triggered by stress, BUT thoroughly believe it is much more than a panic attack, her root problem may be causing her to have a panic attack granted, but it is not the root problem, she is a very tough, previously hard working 74 year old woman who rarely ever complains. She finally just kind of got better on her own somehow? Now it's starting up again. 10 years ago there was a stressful time that occurred and lately times are more stressful than normal for her. Anyhow any ideas out there? She has severe back pain as well and diverticulitis and was told years ago she has Mitral Valve Prolapse which she thinks about a lot. If you could please email me: allen@tennesseeland.com as I don't check these forums as I should.
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  • take this from an epileptic its probalbly epilepsy sounds like partial complex or generalized see a neruologist
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  • Thank you for replying, she has had this last spell for about 2 - 3 weeks, she got some better Saturday and Sunday was a real good day, she got up and cooked and did some house work, but she got up apx. 4:00 AM to go to the bathroom and was in terrible shape she said, she called me about 8:00 and said she was in bad shape, very weak and a lot of muscle "jerks" and scared. I don't know what the doctor will do, probably nothing!!?? But we'll see. She feels the jerks in her chest/stomach are possibly heart problems as well.She is obsessed with taking her blood pressure today about every 30 minutes, it's been around 170 - 160 over 80 something, Saturday a couple of times it was 104 - 100 over 50's. But I remember when this happened years ago, it absolutely was not her heart they said, but I still wonder if Mitral Valve Prolapse has other issues it may cause that many doctors are not up on?? She doesn't drink any caffeine beverages (she learned that long ago), no alcohol, salt could be an issue however. Nothing new I can think of has happened to her except some stress due to finances which has got her worried AND also she took some antibiotics about that time, maybe a week before. She has some bowel pain in her lower colon (going on for about a year), she said it burns and like there is a full, pressure feeling there, she finds it hard to sit (she said it's not like hemorrhoids), it's farther up in there??? She had some ex-rays done about 2 months ago (lower GI tests I guess you call it) and said she had diverticulitis that showed up, the doctor wanted her to get a colonoscopy, but she doesn't want to go through the "prep" again, the fasting and diarrhea was rough on her. He gave her some antibiotics for any possible infection she may have there. Mom is also scared it may be something like colon cancer too, she is all worried now and you know how that goes you get to thinking of numerous things it can be, so that stress is not helping any either. As far as the epilepsy possibility, there are no neurologists nearby, I'm not sure if I can talk her into going right now, but I'll try. Any idea if a local doctor can do any testing for such? Her brother when he was much younger in school years ago had epileptic seizures and they finally went away on there own.
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  • Where did you go on vacation? Where infections considered? Considered by a serious practitioner, not a PCP. Second and third opinion? what did she do on vacation? Woods? Beach?
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  • Maybe she has a thyroid problem, has she had her TSH levels checked. You also mentioned that her BP was 170 over 80, that is high, she might have Hypertension. You should look into these and let me know. Alos for her age it wouldn't actually be that uncommon to have Hypertension, cause as you age your blood pressure tends to increase a little every year unless she's extremely healthy. Does she have proper excercise and diet?
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  • She just saw a cardiologist, he ran several tests. He said her heart was fine for her age, slight mitral valve murmur and moderate in 2 others and slight heart enlargement in 1 chamber, he upped her blood pressure medicine some (Procardia xl). Her general doctor ordered a lot of tests and he did say her thyroid was fine. Did find she has a kidney and UTI infection and some thickening around the left lung that might be some infection as well and possibly some pneumonia starting in and has her on antibiotic (leviquin or something like that). BUT still the same problems and they don't know what is wrong. The main concern is her sudden weakness and jerking muscles in her chest/stomach. The cardiologist suggested she see an orthopedic surgeon to get her better checked over in her spine as the did see some back problems in some xrays in many of her vertebra's that might??? be possibly causing some nerve damage or pinching, etc. that may be affecting her nerves in her chest/body in general??? And he also suggested she get colonoscopy for her rectal pain or tailbone pain (she's not quite sure if it is rectal or tailbone), which we agree that she needs a colonoscopy, it's just that the prep for it is so rough on her she's genuinely scared she can't make it through it because she feels so bad now. They did a barium enema on her in November to do a lower GI xray and the prep for that really got her down for a couple of days and she was feeling pretty good. Don't know, I think also in a way the cardiologist was done with all he could do and just kind of wanted to send her on her way too, but then again I don't believe it is her heart even though my mom feels like it is her heart palpitating, even though the heart monitors shows it is not! She does eat pretty good, but doesn't get a lot of exercise, I own a business and she was coming here 6 days a week (up until a few days ago) and answering the phone for me some and would get outside and walk around the yard and building apx. 15 - 20 minutes a day, but she mostly sits in an office chair with a pillow under her as it hurts her to sit and a pillow behind her as her back hurts as well, but she said she would rather be here than at home by herself, but is suddenly too weak to do so now and is trembly all over as well.
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  • Look up hemochromatosis on google....
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  • Hmmmm, thanks I'll check that out. My Mom's brother was diagnosed with that a few years ago, but I didn't really check it out!!! I think she "may" also have General Anxiety Disorder as well???
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  • There is one thing I thought of immediately after reading the list of symptoms and that is a tumor called a pheochrmocytoma. This is a tumor that arises in the adrenal gland and some of the main symptoms are high blood pressure and tachycardia. There are also associated with most all of the other symptoms your daughter has including neck and shoulder pain. These tumors secrete large amounts of epinephrine/norepineprine (adrenaline). These tumors are rarely ever malignant. A 24 hour urine collection test is used to diagnose these tumors. There are many other things that could cause the same symptoms so keep going to the doctor or doctors until they can find a diagnosis and a treatment and get a second opinion if you have doubts. I hope your daughter is well soon.LRayne
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