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Jaw misalignment, bump under ear

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  • Posted By: Crashoran
  • March 7, 2009
  • 08:18 AM

This began happening about 5 days ago. The left side of my jaw felt like two bones began rubbing together and then slowly snapping when I tried to bite down. It's not a "click" feeling, but a deep "thud" as the snapping occurs. I discovered a hard circular bump about the size of a dime right under the left earlobe where the pain occurs in my jaw. It sticks out visually. I don't think the bump is acne, but it could be a coincidence.

Today, I can't bite down properly. The left side of my teeth do not close together anymore. It feels unbalanced as only my front teeth on the right side are only coming into contact now.

This might be a possibility - right as I began these symptoms I started using Listerine Whitening Expressions mouthwash. But it could also be a coincidence, too.

There is also a possibility that my top metal retainer that I wear at night could have been bent.

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  • Hi Crashoran, you really need to go back to your dentist asap, this can be really painful & the sooner you address the problem the sooner it will be rectified. Good luck :)
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  • It sounds like TMJ syndrome except I can't explain the mass.Go to your dentist or an oral surgeon.
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  • I had the same issue a few years ago. It was a tumor in my gland that I had removed. It was not cancer. I had it removed as soon as I found it. I would have a Dr. look at it and get it biopsed for sure. I still have pain in my jaw and the surgery was very painful, but I dont have cancer!!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 29, 2009
    • 08:58 PM
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  • If it does turn out to be a tumor of any kind, be advised that cell phones and cordless phones have both been linked to brain and salivary gland tumors.
    wbl4sur 24 Replies
    • December 30, 2009
    • 02:42 PM
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  • You may have a class 3 bite. With such bite, your bottom jaw can grow outwords and a very fast rate while your upper jaw does not, it will also grow to favor one side, in your case the right. The clicking and rubbing of two bones is because of the difference in size between the upper and lower jaw. This is possible if you are under 25 or still growing. To fix this, you will need to consult a oral surgeon. The surgury where this is corrected is not painful, and has a realativly short recovery time.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 31, 2009
    • 08:22 AM
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  • Hi I have exactly the same bump under my ear and pain when eating. It is down to Jaw misalignment and the bump is the ball of the joint as it does not sit inside the socket anymore. It can be down to dislocation or a few other things. Get checked out asap as it can cause arthiritis in the joint as the ball wears down. Good Luck
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