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Jaw injury gone havoc on my face

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  • Posted By: Johan31
  • August 9, 2010
  • 00:51 AM

Hi everyone, this is my first post here, so it might a long post, i don´t know.
I´ve been trying to find someone that has experienced similar symthoms as I but it seems pretty uniqe, thats why im trying here. Sorry if my english is a bit bad.

First a few lines of background history, I´ll try to keep it short.

My problem started around summer 2008, when going to sleep I suddenly woke up and got a headacne (about 2*7 cm) on top of my skull. This headacne would last for several months and hurting once per 15 seconds or so. I kind of ignored this, which would show to be a pretty bad thing to do.

In fall 2008 I got more symthoms, it could fell like I got a cold that would only affect my head (feeling kind of tired and down).

In spring 2009 things got worse and worse. To start with, my chin muscles would be really really tense at times, like they were spasming uncontrollaby. This lasted for months and I was desperatly trying to grip what the ***l was going on with me.

In late spring 2009 I saw that a wisdom tooth in my upper jaw was really crooked, it was lying on it´s side, and the gum around it had a kind of blue tone to it. When touching the area around the tooth it felt like the grim reaper was knocking on the door. It would also be a "magnetic" feeling around the area, like it was a force pushing out from it.

So, I got the tooth (plus another wisdom tooth) removed and of course felt pretty bad for a week, but was confident and happy that I had found the problem.

However, a week later or so, I started feeling really bad again, and it was hurting as ***l around the area of where the tooth was (it was like a spike inside my face from where the tooth used to be up to my nose), and when feeling with my tounge I felt sharp things sticking out. I went back to the surgeon (I almost couldn´t walk thats how bad I was feeling) and he pulled out 3 bits of bone (about 5mm*8mm each) from my gum.

When he did this, I felt a wave going thought my entire body out to my very toes and it was like I was beeing "stabilized".

I felt great!, for 3 days, then ***l begun.

I was out eating dinner with a few friends, when it suddenly felt like my entire body sank 10 meters. I also started feeling this wierd thing where my tooth used to be, and it was like it was vibrating and it was driving me insane. I went back to the surgeon who did a scan of the entire jaw (I was sure there was another tooth behind the wisdom tooth or a wisdom tooth root left behind), however it was a ~1.5cm large peice of bone shaped like a V sticking down. The surgeon told me there was nothing to do and that the body would remove it naturally.

However, it felt like this peice of bone was vibrating in my face, and it was getting worse and worse. At one point, I was lying on my couch, when suddenly it felt like my tooth (next to this "V-bone") also started to vibrate. I gripped that tooth with my fingers to hold it still when suddenly a kind of crack happened in my face, and it felt like a kind of powder was going down my throat. A few hours later, it felt like my entire body was getting numb. It really felt like I was going to die (it was 4 in the morning on a sunday), so I went to the ER and eventually ended up in a mental institution for a couple of weeks.

I survived, but the "V-bone" was still vibrating, every day, 24/7, and would it would fell like it was breaking from time to time (and when it broke, I would feel really bad for some time).

In summer 2009, I noticed I could make a manouver with my tounge that would make a small noise in the "V-bone", and it felt like it was breaking a little bit. I started to do this (to slowly slowly break down this abomination). As it would break down, it was like the frequency of the vibration was changing, causing really strange effects in my face. For example, at times there has been waves of energy going from one side to the other, back and forth, back and forth. These waves can also effect my entire body, but they are quite hard to feel.

As time has passed, the cracking of this "V-bone" has accellerated. In the beginning I had to move my tounge in order to make it crack, but now days it almost impossible to stop it. When I open my jaw, there can be about 50-100 tiny cracks (which also makes noise by the way).

It can also be like a huge whirlwind spinning inside my cranium, and it´s spinning really really really fast, and it´s kind of "grinding down" the "V-bone" (even though the V-shape is gone since many months back, the cracking is still going strong).

It´s almost constant pain, mostly in my forehead and nose-area, and I it often feel like chunks of energy or preassure are floating around in my face. It always get worse when I try to sleep, and it feels best in the morning. However, the really bad part is this uncontrolled whirlwind, slowly grinding down my jawbone (where will it end?), and the remains of the "V-bone" are still vibrating, terribly terribly fast. Im not really sure how this will end, it´s like a war going on inside my face, on one side this whirlwind is grinding down the bone like it was made of paper (and it stronger than anything I have ever felt, I feel like an ant in comparision), on the other side, it´s this vibrating bone, vibrating fast as ***l and always trying to escape the whirlwind. Im caught in the middle, and it´s a nightmare, and I don´t know a way out of it.

Im seeing a psychitrist and I´ve tried their pills but they do absolutly nothing to this problem. Nor does any pain-killers have any effect on it.
Im taking sleeping pills almost every night.

Im not expecting any solutions, or explanations, I know it´s not in my brain. You can hear the cracks from the bone when they occur.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I better go try get some sleep.
Take care,

Jaw injury gone havoc on my face

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  • I would check out something called: kundalini awakening on the web. An accupuncturist can help you a lot. (Trust me)And I would check out an energy healer from Dahn Yoga (www.dahnyoga.com) if you have one in your area. The are the best of the best when it comes to energy healing.Best of luck to you!
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    • November 11, 2010
    • 02:51 AM
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