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ive had this for a yr n half now :(

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 10, 2006
  • 00:16 PM

Hiya all,
Well here goes, june 2005 i had a tooth removed & 2 days later i got a tingleing pain on the opposite side of my tongue to where the tooth wa removed, the pain grew slightly worse over a couple of days & i started to get a stabbing pain in my chin & jaw, I went to the doctor's he said he thought i might have glandular fever , he persribed me some anitbotics pvk250 & after a day n half of taking them i came out in a red lump rash all over the tops of my legs, i was told to stop taking the tablet & that my symptoms would clear up, well my tonsils did get better but my tongue pain didnt, so i went back to my doctors who dismissd my problems & sent me home with more pain killers, i went back again because i started to get a stabbing pain in my ear & neck & an aching pain all down my throat, he referred me to maxilo facial unit who did i check of my tongue & she said it was a very healthy tongue & the gash at the back of my tongue where the pain is, is from my back tooth rubbing it, which i totally disagree with as this pain in inside my tongue not outside, which i explained but she sent me home, Ive been back to the doctor's again to have my ear sringed to see if that help's as there were full of wax & the ear that i get the pain in really hurt while she was doing it so she stopped & referred my back to the doctor, who said there's nothing he can do as ive got a mis match of symptoms, he checked inside my cheeks & felt my neck & throat & said all was fine, but to the day the tongue pain & ear pain sometime stops me in my track's it hurts so much & the stabbing pain in my neck isnt that bad but it's a bit uncomfortable, if i take paracetamol it does help, but im now starting to get headached on the same side of all my other pain, & its worrying me, I have just mvoed house & im wonding if the headaches are just a coincidence & r due to the stress of moving, can anyone help :( the only medication regually take is steriod inhaler as wheni quit smoking i was diagnosed with asthma??? which im still skeptic about as my peak flow is nearly 600 at all times. thanks Cherie xx p.s sorry to have rambled on.

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