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Itchy tongue(GI problms), could it be more than an allergy??? Help!

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  • December 3, 2006
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My 5 yr old daughter has been having an itchy tongue since Sept/06, at 1st I tought it was an ulcer, then later she told me that her tongue itched after she eats salad at school, then I tought "allergy" to food,possibly the dressing w/ fish ingredients. I got concern and made an appt. to get tested for allergies, the PCP tought it was odd because the day of the appt. she had an episode of the itchy tongue and it was on a saturday, last meal was about 5 hrs prior to the Dr's appt. and the food was stuff she eats regularly and has never caused the itchy tongue, is so strong that, she bites it pretty hard ( ever since then it has happen at of no wear).
Now she has had almost since she was born gastrointestinal problems, when infant it was diahrrea or constipation, I was told it was because I was breastfeeding her and giving her formula too, breast milk has more lactose, and she would grow out of it.
When she was about 1 yr old and I try to switch her to cow milk, it got her pretty sick so I tought " lactose intolerance", so I have been giving her soy milk ever since then, she's ok with some yogurt's and cheese.''
Mean while w/ soy milk I still had problems getting her to have a normal bowel, so we have used from supositories to mineral oil, lots of fiber in her diet and couldn't potty train her because of the irregular bowels, she was pretty scared. Finally she got miralex powder prescribed about a yr. ago, and 1 month after she started, she got potty by her self. Dr. told me that he suspected Hirshsprung disease because how enlarged her intestine was (after a painful Barium enema), so between option one: biopsy for Hirshsprung ( by the way surgeon didn't think she had it, so that reasure us on our decision) or option 2: miralex for 1 yr. we opted for option #2 and it has worked wonderful.
It has been a year since and we tried to ween her off like the Dr. said after the yr. it didn't work and she got constipated again, it comes out mushy, muddy, playdoo like or hard balls. and she hates it. I just spoke to the Dr. and told him about it and he prescribed miralex again and didn't want to re-x ray her tummy to see if the intestine got smaller, but I feel that this can be more than just "encopresis". Now after reading about malabsorption, deficiency, celiac disease I dont know what to think. My mother and I have GI problems as well, we think lactose intolerance but I had removed a bony tumor in the forehead "osteoma" that prompt the Dr's to do a colonoscopy for polyps, they found 2 benign ones. can this be connected or pure coinsidence??? thanks in advance for your suggestions and advices.
PS: she will be having the allergy test dec/7/06.

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