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Itchy small blisters on fingers

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  • Posted By: bkalos
  • March 24, 2008
  • 01:35 AM

Hi guys, I've been getting multiple small (<2mm diameter) blisters that have popped up over both my hands and fingers.

My wife had the same thing a couple of weeks back but it went away and we didnt take much notice of it.

It is very itchy and annoying, cos I have to work with my hands in my job and dont want it to be a nuisance.

Relevant background info:
I have a cat at home that previously had fleas (but has been treated correctly)
I recently (2weeks ago) had an episode of ringworm (on arm not finger/hand) which has resolved after using antifungal cream and steroid cream
I have been getting multiple ?mosquito? bites that are very itchy but not blistering on my thighs and legs, just today.I know, it sounds like i have some crazy skin condition, but I am hopeful you guys can help me.

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  • look up herpetic witlow. one possibility.
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  • Thanks for your replies guys.I did more research online and I believe I have been bitten buy fleas. I've taken some initial steps (vacuum + change bed linen etc.) to try and combat this problem.Are there things that you guys can recommend for fleas? Thank you all in advance for your replies. :o
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  • Sweep all carpets and hard surfaces thoroughly with a good vacuum cleaner. Once you are finished vacuuming, empty the vaccum bag/bin into a plastic bag and tie the bag tightly and remove from the house. I have heard of putting a flea collar in the sweeper bag as an added measure/prevenative.Treat the pets monthly with a good flea prevenative, I use Revolution (another name brand is Advantage, but I don't believe it treats for heartworm), depending on where you live this treatment (external) is for fleas, ticks, and heartworm. This treatment works by stopping the flea's life cycle. If the fleas don't have a "host" to live on, they don't reproduce. You can check your cat for active fleas by combing it with a flea comb and then putting the hair and dander from the comb on a white paper towel and then sprinkling it with enough water to dampen it. If it turns any color of red your cat still has fleas. The red coloring on the towel is ingested blood in the fecal matter of the flea. Another symptom to check your pet for is the presence of small rice like particles in your pet's waste, this is a sign of tapeworm caused by ingesting fleas, another condition easily treated by a veterinarian. However, as always check with your veterinarian on which treatment is best for your pet. All of your pets bedding and anywhere your pets sleeps, including your bed, need to be swept and laundered in hot water. There are laundry treatments/additives you can buy to add to your regular detergent, but I find this isn't necessary.If your cat is allowed to go outside it could be getting re-infested while outdoors. We have at times had our yard professionally treated for fleas, but it was at a time when we had 7 dogs and 2 cats. Pets can also carry poison ivy, etc. on their hair. It doesn't appear to have any effect on the pets, but we went though a round of poison ivy last year that started out as small very itchy, watery blisters on the hands and feet/legs of my children.You also mentioned ringworm. Ringworm is a fungus and can live in the enviroment for an extended period of time. It is HIGHLY CONTAGEOUS not only to people, but also pets, and can be difficult to treat. If your pet is losing hair, excessively chewing, or licking, seek veterinary attention at once. Hope this helps, I've tried it all and the Revolution really seems to be the best treatment for prevention and treatment of fleas.Good Luck,Grasshopper
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  • The only way to really get rid of fleas is to have your cats flea treated,by a vet, and then "bomb" your house with a flea bomb, which you can also get from your vet. I wouldn't trust any over-the-counter types of treatments you might buy. We had this happen to us, and this, along with washing everything, worked.
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  • Um, today, at the request of my wife, I went to see a doctor about this skin condition of mine.He suggested that I had hives (urticaria) instead of flea bites. Reasons being:only myself had been getting these itchy things (my wife has not got any symptoms of itchiness)we have not caught a live/dead flea/larva/egg/blood residue in all the vacuuming/cleaning that my wife and I have done in the past 2 days.my cat has been on Advantage flea control for past 3monthsHe started me on a course of treatment for hives and suggested for me to come back in 7 days' time for a follow up, should it be unresolved.Right now, I dont know what to believe and am just hoping for something to cure myself of this terrible itchiness. :(
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  • I know what you have and went the route of doctors for two years before finding out what it was on my own. I have a Merck Manual and was digging for answers when I found it. The condition is called pompholyx, it is a sweat gland disorder and quite common. Google pompholyx and you will find a lot of info. I know that the itching is maddening, and it will only get worse the more you itch. It is caused by stress, or dryness, or chemicals or a myriad of other exposures. The best thing that worked for me was to take a bowl or small tub of cold, cold water, put about 1/2 cup of white vinegar in the water and soak hand, or hands, for about 20 minutes. Then pat dry, no rubbing, and put a very emoilient cream on. If the itching is just too much at times, get an ice cube and rub the itchy bumps with the cube, NO FINGER NAILS!! I know it is tough, but it should go away in about a week to two weeks or so. Do not stress, stress only makes it worse. The doctor can also give you a steroid cream to help, but the vinegar soak worked best for me. GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES TO YOUR HEALTH!:)
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