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Itchy skin with no rash, Crawling and Biting Sensations, Pain in stomach. Help!

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  • Posted By: quinnGoes
  • August 16, 2011
  • 07:48 AM

A little over a year ago, I remember that some nights I would not be able to sleep well because i would develop itches all over my body and gas when i tried to go to sleep. It was a type of itch were it was instantly satiated by scratching it, but a new one would pop up in a different area shortly after. It would not happen every night however. Later, I went through an extremely stress-full period of time, which wore me down into a very severe depression/anxiety. This is the time I first remember another symptom, a heavy heart beat, especially after eating, and when trying to go to sleep. The itchy sensations became present during the day, not just the night. I became frequently almost completely incapacitated by the sickness. When the itching was bad, some of the itches would escalate to "pangs" that felt like something biting me under my skin, these could make me jump, want to yell, and rush to itch the area, which would instantly make them subside. There is also a third feeling, something like a general burn/tingle or feeling of inflammation under the skin, and a 4th feeling, that is a crawling sensation, similar to what you feel when a very small insect is on you. I noticed that fatigue, depression, and anxiety were correlated to whatever the sickness was, as well as digestive troubles. I was get an intense pain after eating in my stomach area very often, along with the itchyness and fatigue.

After countless hours researching, I am still at a loss for what is wrong with me. Things I come across most include:

-food allergy: almost surely not the case. I have gone on elimination diets as far as nothing but steak. although i have always had very bad allergies my whole life.

-candida/leaky gut: I know this is greatly over self diagnosed. I noticed the itchiness and insomnia seemed to improve a lot on a very low carb diet. I've tried many of the anti yeast remedies, however have never taken a drug for it. When I mention this to doctors, they laugh.

-parasites: I purchased albendazole (de-wormer) and have been taking that since yesterday. There hasn't been a noticeable positive effect. Also I took a stool test and although it was for a crappy regular doctor and i think only tested for 3 strains of parasites, it passed (they did find salmonella, however, which explained why I'd been so sick a week or so before). parasites seems to be the closest matching to what I feel, but I have never seen any in my stool that I could recognize. Itching and crawling feeling can be very bad on my anus, in my nose, and on my scalp and sometimes in my ear

-some type of strange bacterial infection? should I try anti-biotics?

-mold? there was black mold growing in my bathroom when i was developing these symptoms.

-auto immune disease of some kind?

-hypothroidism - I have read that a large reason for why our body temperatures is 98.6 is because it is just high enough to make us less susseptible to parasites/infections. my body temperature is almost always at least a degree colder, and sometimes has been all the way down in the 96's.

I am a 19 year old Male. I would greatly appreciate advice of any kind!

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  • Just checking in. It's been a year since you posted this. Still having these symptoms?It sounds like Morgellons disease. I'm suspecting too that you've got toxicity issues such as heavy metals. The mold in your space could have triggered it too as fungal is part of Morgellons. You've got to get rid of the mold or else leave that environment. I've got a website up if you need more information.http://morgellonsdiseaseawareness.comHope whatever it is, has resolved itself.
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  • It sounds to me like you might have Morgellons Disease. Even down to the fact that your core body temperature has dropped. I've got a thread up on better medicine that discusses the symptoms and also a website that talks about the disease. http://forums.bettermedicine.com/showthread.php/114788-morgellons-disease-itching-stinging-biting-crawling-sensations-rashes-lesions?highlight=morgellons+diseasehttp://morgellonsdiseaseawareness.comI'd suggest you get a cheap microscope (12 dollars) and take a good look at your skin to see if there are fibers which are the defining symptom of this disease.If you do have it, address the diet right away. I've got a link on my site about diet and pH. Let me know if I can help you further.Ayla
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