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itchy rash, fatigue, weakness, thirst

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  • Posted By: bethanyjayne
  • July 9, 2007
  • 10:39 PM

I've had an itchy rash for more than a month. It looks like contact dermatitis . I was given an oral steroid and later an ointment to take care of it. But these haven't. The rash has been on my face, in my nose (can't explain that one!), neck, arms, scalp and has moved to my torso. Very red, very itchy, and aches.

I've also been
quite thirsty
low temp 97.0
irritable- I make an effort to control this. I think it might be a result of frustration and lack of sleep.
Concentration takes more effort.
Eating sweets helps a bit!

Can you think of anything? I'm usually kinda chipper- now I feel pretty rough. I got this a few days after vacation.

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11 Replies:

  • What about Shingles???
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  • Thanks for the reply, friend! I've looked into shingles- they are primarily on one side of the body. The duration of shingles is also shorter than what I'm experiencing.
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  • Diabetes????***:confused: Scabbies a crazy case of herpes1??? poison oak or ivy???
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  • Pityriasis? Did it start with one biggish site? It kinda looks like ringworm. Not only young people get this virus.
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  • Fatigue, weakness, thirst and raising your sugar levels to feel better makes me think it's diabetes also. A friend of mine was diagnosed and her main symptom was a staph infection on her skin.
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  • I think diabetes now, too.
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  • Hey, guys! Thanks for all of your replies. I was pretty convinced that I've got Pityriasis. But I will look into diabetes. I'd be a little surprised if it was diabetes; I'm 19, usually active, and a healthy eater. (despite my recent sugar indulgence) I'm not quite sure why my doctors were so set on contact- they didn't really consider anything else... You are all so smart :) and I appreciate your comments. Obviously your suggestions could change my health.
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  • Sounds like maybe if the rash (Eczema or Atropic Dermatitis) has become infected and is hurting, you may be suffering from cellulitis. This can become very critical if it turns into Staph Infection. The doctor will prescribe Clindamycin and Cipro, both very strong antibiotics. One thing that I have found that works great with controlling itching is Hydroxizine, but it will make you very drowsy. My grandmother had both the steroid shot and taken them by mouth, but they don't last but for maybe 24 hours. She has a severe case that has not been diagnosed, but has suffered for 8 years and be to countless dermatologist. We use the steroid cream, but I mix it with Sarna and Cetaphil which are both great lotions to help control the itching, and it is best to keep the Sarna in the frig. However, there are two creams that can be purchased also from the the internet. FREEDERM HC, and ECZANA. Do a google search for those those and you will find websites for both items. Hope you found some of this information useful, although, it maybe that none of it may apply to you. Take care. :-)
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  • Thanks for your suggestions. I am quite sorry for your Grandma. She must be a trooper.
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  • My first thought was diabetes (type 1) as I know exhausted, weak, thirsty, irritability, poor concentration can all be signs of diabetes. Celiac disease is sometimes linked with type one diabetes (juvenile diabetes but it can happen in adults too). "Symptoms of Celiac disease may include diarrhoea, failure to thrive (in children) and fatigue, but these may be absent and associated symptoms in all other organ systems have been described" A growing portion of diagnoses are being made in asymptomatic persons as a result of increasing screening. One can get a rashes with Celiac disease. " In type 1 diabetes, people often develop symptoms over a few weeks. They may feel thirsty all the time and need to urinate a lot, and they may feel tired and lose weight." Type 2 diabetes develops much much slower.... You may also want to check into Urticaria (hives)The rash may vary in shape and size, can be very itchy and usually goes away within 24 hours. In about 90 per cent of cases there is no apparent cause, these are called "idiopathic urticaria". Sometimes, however, it is possible to identify the cause of the rash and it appears to be most commonly due to an allergic reaction. Physical stimuli, such as feeling cold or warm, sunlight, water, sweating or pressure may also cause these rashes. A complication of this issue can be disturbed sleep due to itch and irritation.
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  • My Grandmother and now my mother (66) suffered from this type of all-over body rash/lesion. My Grandmother suffered with it from about her mid-fifties until she passed away at 88. My Mother's symptoms began surfacing in her late-fifties. I am very interested in any ideas -- the postings here have been helpful. My mother has been to countless doctors and no one seems to be able to help her (or seems to care if they do.) She is miserable and has her skin wrapped in cloth so her clothes don't irritate the sores. I'll keep watching this thread to see if I can learn any more. Thanks to everyone who contribues - you just never know what may help!
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