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Itchy cluster of red bumps on forehead (picture proviced)

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  • Posted By: Kate1212
  • January 13, 2013
  • 02:48 PM


I have recently been diagnosed with Discoid Eczema (aka Nummular Dermatitis) and was prescribed Betnovate Cream for the itchy red patches on my upper body (face not affected) and occasional patches on lower legs, which has been working a treat. No more itching! I have noticed a huge difference in their appearance also, they are not red at all and are more of a yellowy colour. I also use an emollient cream (prescribed by the Doctor) all over my body which helps. I am due to go back to the doctors for a follow-up check of the above in three weeks.

However, I have had gradual itchy clusters of red bumps on the centre of my forehead for quite a few months now. Some are painful to touch (see picture). I had these bumps before being diagnosed with Discoid Eczema and do flush easily in my cheeks. I believe it could be Rosacea. My skincare routine consists of washing my face with luke warm water and then applying E45 moisturising cream all over my face. I do wear Bare Minerals makeup to help cover up the redness and bumps as I am very conscious of them. I have extremely sensitive skin and cannot use any soaps as it makes my Eczema worse. I only use E45 and Oilatum products for hair, body and face. I am allergic to something in Simple products. I have not had a patch test of ***** test done but have had a RAST test which came back negative. I believe a patch test would be beneficial to have, seen as I had a reaction to Simple soap when in the bath???

I would be grateful for any help.

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  • that doesnt look too comfortable. It could be a fungal thing as i know this is overlooked often or most of the time not even considered an option without having an immune system disorder. You could try some things to see if it helps.baking soda aka natrium bicarbonateregular betadine creamwarning though, try it on a small spot first to see how your skin reacts to it. baking soda will hurt like **** if u use it in a too pure form, so i advice to try dissolving a lil bit in water and carefully try it out. Baking soda is fairly safe to use as it is naturally already in our body and helps cleansing the body. Also it has the quality to kill fungus.On a healthy skin baking soda wont react or do a thing, but if youll have a skin problem somewhere it will. It probably will make the rash more red and irritated at first and again it can really hurt if used directly on the skin (burns like salt in an wound). I was so smart to inmediatly apply some pure on my forehead and cheeks for the first time, both were full on red and irritated and it burned big time so i inmediatly applied lots of water to wash it off. My forehead and cheeks were red all day, but the next day when i woke up my rash had dried in and was already a lot less severe and the redness had been disappeared.And betadine cream (jodium base) desinfects the skin and also gets rid of fungal infections. Both can be bought at your regular drug store and wont cost you more then 5 bucks so worth a shot id say.gl
    molkosan 2 Replies
    • February 2, 2013
    • 06:15 AM
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  • Thank you I might try the baking soda. When i apply the baking soda (mixed with water) do i gently rub it in and wash it off? Or not wash it off?
    Kate1212 3 Replies
    • February 8, 2013
    • 05:31 PM
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