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  • Posted By: babs1964uk
  • October 26, 2006
  • 08:12 PM

I got a cluster of small spots on the back of my neck about five months ago they itched so bad i made them bleed after four weeks i went to the doctor and he told me i had Dermititis. After severe visit to my doctors and all different creams and shampoo and scalp application it has spread all over my body. It is red small spots very very itchy. On my hands i can bite a chunk of small skin open enough the size of a pin head and i have a small clear hole left and now i have callous on my fingers. I feel like i have insects crawling under my skin. I have never had a skin problem in my life. I feel that i have been wrongly diagnosed and i am seeking someone's help in trying to get some sort of relief from this pain i am in. It also seems to come and go in different parts of my body. I do have a dog and a cat which have been in the home for over a year. I am also a carer in the community looking after all different ages and all different health problems. My doctor is putting it down to stress. But again i do not feel that i am satisfied with his answer. I am seeing a skin specialist next week, and i am so hoping that they can tell me what is happening to me. I feel very alone i am feeling dirty because my skin is crawling and i know people are watching me itch. I have to say sorry sometimes as there homes sometimes are quite hot and it brings the itching on more. I cannot even take a nice hot bath, it has to be cool so it dosen't bring on the itching. If anyone knows of anything that might just stop the itching i would be so grateful for you help. I hope that it dosen't go to my face as all that is clear now is my neck and face. fingers crossed.

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  • Hi. I just read your message and I want you to know I know exactly how you feel. I've been suffering with itching and hives for 3 months now, since July. I also saw a dermatologist and my regular MD who both said it was an allergic reaction to detergent. I had a biopsy done that confirmed it was contact dermatitus. It itched so intensely that I thought I would go nuts. I scratched until I bled sometimes. I started using All Free & Clear detergent for clothes and Cetaphil in the shower, ( you can get it at any store) and as you already know, no hot showers. Also I used virgin coconut oil for a mosturizer ( you can get that at health food stores). It worked wonders for the redness and itching. I was on a steroid cream for a month but it didn't help too much. But finally I can honestly say it's much better now. The hives and rash are almost completely gone and the itching also. Before I forget one other thing I did, was I bought new sheets and towels and some new clothes to wear so they wouldn't have been washed in the old soap which was causing my problems. Try to stick with 100% cotton. If you can do that it should help because if the itching is from the fragrance and dye in soap, the residue is very hard to get out of your old clothes, sheets and towels. If I can give you any other advice at all I would say to take your vitamins, just a regular multi vitamin which will help with your immune system and take a little extra C. Also, watch your diet. Once I cut chocolate, sugar, soda and coffee out, and ate more fresh fruits and veggies, I felt much better. I learned thru all of this that the blood can actually become acidic and that can lead to skin problems. If you happen to not be eating that well, changing your diet will help a lot. The only other thing I can say is, give it time. I thought my skin problem would never go away and got very depressed over it, but it finally is going away. I think sometimes it just has to run it course. Hope this helped a little. Best of luck to you. Hang in there!
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    • November 2, 2006
    • 01:00 AM
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  • Hi. Tough time for you but don’t despair it will turn out for better. My advises are get rid of pets (I know it's cruel, but your health go first - cat and dog have to go...they are too strong allergic factor), also keep your house or apartment dust free, also diet (get rid of junk food, red food, sweet food, eggs, cocoa, nuts), also avoid flowers, perfumes and other smells, also soap and shampoo should be pH neutral and for sensitive skin and VERY IMPORTANT! do not let your skin dry out - moisture is extremely important factor so creams and moisturizers should be applied all the time and DO NOT scratch - it makes it even worse the itching area gets bigger and bigger (at this stage you probably know it). Also do not wash your skin more than 2 times a day (evening and morning). Also your sheets and pillow - watch the material it made from. Also when you wash your close choose cleaning aids extremely carefully. And one more thing - I truly believe that that there is (are) some factor (factors) that cause your allergies. So far these factors are unknown to you but you should watch your body carefully and notice what habits of yours cause more itching - once you establish the cause - get rid of it. Usually there are several causes, so be aware and watch carefully, since your situation is not improving but getting worse, there is a possibility that the cause (s) is very near you. Listen to your body and work with doctors. One more thing, sometimes allergies go together with asthma. So watch out for your lungs. Best of luck.
    martha2007 1 Replies
    • November 2, 2006
    • 03:44 AM
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  • I went to hospital today and they have diagnosed that i have Dermatofibroma on my left arm, which needs to be cut out. But the itching i have they said it's a condition called "physical urticaia" i had to take of my clothes to be examined and when the doctors saw the state of my skin he called in another two doctors, they got a nurse to douse me with cream straight away because i was in tears from the constant itching. I have to now stop all creams (steriods) shampoo's and they have not put me on Levoctirizine Tablets and the new cream for my body is cetraben emollient and for my hair i now shampoo in capasal shampoo. It's my first day starting all this new medicine so fingers crossed and thank you for the replys that i recieved as i have some valuable information now as to watch to do and watch out for in the home and work place, just wondering if anyone has heard of this condition as they will be able to give me more advice on what and what not to do Thank you
    babs1964uk 5 Replies
    • November 2, 2006
    • 00:24 PM
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  • My advises are get rid of pets (I know it's cruel, but your health go first - cat and dog have to go...they are too strong allergic factor)That's horrible advice. Why would you even consider getting rid of pets before establishing that they are causing a problem?Babs - if your doctor attributes it to stress without any tests then you need to replace that doctor, and see a dermatologist. You can be tested for a wide variety of allergens and identify the actual issue.I have problems with some laundry detergents. I normally use Tide Free which works well for me, but when I used Purex for awhile I had horrible acne. Switched back and the problem went away. I also have problems with new bedding that has not been washed.
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  • Animals in the house is just asking for problems.
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  • Yes, I shot all of my cats and dogs due to this and it has made such a difference in our house
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