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It Feels Like I Have Swollowed A Knife - HELP

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 23, 2007
  • 06:54 PM

I have got really sore chest pains that go straight through to my back ( in the center of my chest). It feels like i have swallowed a knife it hurts so bad. It also hurts when i swallow and when i breathe out or in sometimes. The pains started last night, i was in so much pain it woke me up. Then the pain was constant and got worse when swallowing. Now it isnt constant but i cant feel it distantly all the time.

I have had this once before - two weeks ago. It is a really weird feeling and im worried about it because of this. I also have a weird sensation in my throat like something sharp is trying to come up.

The last time i had this pain it lasted a few days but the pain decreased and became less frequent during this time. Although it was very uncomfortable to eat.

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  • This sounds just like reflux. Take a pepcid AC when this happens - if it feels better than you know that's what it is. Then go to GI and get tested for h. pylori - the bacteria that causes ulcers. This can be treated with antibiotics (dont forget to take your probiotics when you take them!).
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  • Hi,While I completely agree with fauve that it could be acid and h. pylori, it could also be a few other things. Since you have had it twice, I think you need to put a call into your regular doctor, and run the description you gave here, by your doc. It could be GI, but it could also be pulmonary, or cardiac (yes, GI is most likely). Get it checked out.I have some general rules that I follow for when to call a doctor. One is my three day rule (if it gets worse, or doesn't get better in three days, and it isn't something I can live with, I call). Here is one that doesn't have a name: if it wakes you up at night from some kind of discomfort, and it is a repeating problem, you need to see a doctor about it.As for what med to take, you need to read the labels before you decide to take something for acid. Several antacids work against other meds, some are ******n kidney or liver function. Lots of people are helped greatly by antacids. Just make sure if you decide to try some, that you are making a personal decision that fits you.Best,Shula
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  • Esophageal spasms can mimic heart attacks (they involve the same nerves). Don't get all weird, but do you drink alcohol, especially beer? then go to sleep? Alcohol when refluxed can really aggravate the esophagus. Stop drinking for a while, if you think this might be the problem.
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  • No i hardly ever drink - Im a 19 year old female from the uk btw. Im also diabetic but i doubt it has anything to do with that. the pain is a lot less today but is still there when i eat especially afterward. I have also had other pains below my left breast and on the left sight of my stomach.
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  • And i dont think it is acid reflux it doesnt seem to fit the symptoms i have. the pains actually feel like something is trapped in my chest, like a knife as it is that sharp and painful.
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  • Esoagheal spams, not common, not uncommon, hot or cold foods will trigger attack, meds can relieve it, a test will confirm it, spams can be triggered by your emotional state as well when you eat, nervous stomach, "its not what your eating, its whats eating you" attitude,
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  • Get your doc to prescribe Prilosec (the purple pill). It will turn off some acid production to give your esophagus time to heal. Maybe s/he can give you a sample for a week's worth. It works very fast. (I don't know if it has been re-named in the UK). What's the status of your gall bladder? Is your pain aggravated by fatty foods?
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