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It's not ringworm!!

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  • Posted By: escape3500
  • June 11, 2007
  • 05:06 AM

I am growing increasingly frustrated. I was diagnosed with ringworm in late April. It was all over both my feet and one of my hands. (I assumed I had either gotten it from the college showers or from my dog). The nurse at my college said it was either ringworm or eczema but started me on a topical cream for ringworm. All of the rashes went away for a good week or so, then came back. Luckily I still had some cream left so I used that on the new rashes on my feet. They went away for 2 weeks, and I thought I was finally rid of ringworm. I went to California on vacation and the rashes came back (only feet)!! Once I returned home I went to my family physician who said "That's not ringworm, that's a bite." That rash went away a couple days later. 2 weeks since then, I have developed a 5th round of a rash outbreak, and this time it's on the opposite hand that was originally infected.

The rashes are always on my hands and feet, never anywhere else. They never get bigger than a quarter. They LOOK exactly like ringworm, red around the outside, a perfect circle. Neither my college roomate, my boyfriend (whom I sleep with!), my family members, co-workers, nor my pets have been diagnosed with ringworm. None of them have rashes either. Allegidly, ringworm is "extremely contageous," and considering it's always on the palm of my hand, it should be spread to everything I touch. I have mistaken the rashes for poison ivy numerous times, as I get that frequently from my dog.

What do I have? If it is ringworm, why does it keep coming back? Even when I scratch it (Which I do!!) it doesn't spread, nor does it get under my nails. How can I stop this re-occurance? Topical creams seem to work to rid me of the rash, not to rid me of the cause. I can't argue that it is something in my environment either, because I've lived at college and at my house for long periods and obtained it in both places. (Even California!) I don't have any contact with children, and I didn't work in my garden until mid May. My dog does sleep with me at home, but he wasn't at college with me where I obtained the original rash. What should I do?

Thanks in advance for your help, it is really appreciated!!

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  • Sounds like it might be an allergy of some sort. Otherwise as the nurse said, eczema is a strong candidate.
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  • Ringworm is a fungus. It is possible that you are re-catching it from yourself, but it sounds to me like your immune system might be a bit run down. Look into building up your immune system. Also, since it is a fungus, you might want to think about candida, which is a fancy term for yeast infection. If you have recurring yeast infections, then your body is overloaded with yeast. i.e. Candida. This could aid to recurrence of the ringworm, or athletes foot. When I was younger, I would get ringworm often, and athletes foot. I never remember ringworm itching, but athletes foot drove me nuts, along with yeast infections. If this sounds like you, go to your local health food store and they can direct you to supplements to combat candida. One thing they will mention is cutting out ALL sugars from your diet. Natural and man made. Good luck,Shy
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  • Hello, I was treated for ringworm also because it was shaped in a ring like pattern but it was on my back. I finally went to a dermatologist who did a biopsy and I have been diagnosed with GRANULOMA ANNULARE it is an autoimmune type of skin disorder/disease with no real cure. They call it a benign skin condition. It commonly happens to people on the tops of their feet. But it can happen anywhere. I have had some on my elbow also. It comes and goes.. There isn't too much info on it. I hope this helps somewhat. It might or might not be what you have. Good Luck!!
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  • a girl at work has something very similar was serching for years to find the cause. She's just been diagnosed with 'Granuloma Annulare', maybe it would help.Try this website for more infor and ppictures on the rash - http://www.nevdgp.org.au/info/dermnet/granuloma_annulare.htm
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  • Do you remember beign bitten? Have you (or your dog) been in an area that has livestock? If so check outhttp://www.ilads.org/lyme_disease/B_guidelines_12_17_08.pdfLyme disease rashes can appear weeks after being bitten. There is a blood test available and a course of antibiotics to cure it.
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