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it's NOT hyperthyroidism? Then what is it? Please help.

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  • Posted By: ethanhugh
  • March 23, 2009
  • 04:05 AM

Hi I am a 25 year old male, born in HK but grew up in Canada all my life. Recently I relocated "back" to Hong Kong and I have symptoms that seem to be very exaggerated that I thought was related to hyperthyroidism, but I checked it by blood test and it is not.

Here are my very very extreme symptoms (trust me they are very exaggerated, no one believes me til they see me):

1. excessive sweating - I sweat like, a volcano, people note they've never seen someone sweat so much, I'm literaly dripping water whenever I eat anything, doing light exercise, etc.) I hate hot weather and absolutely get irritated when the weather in hk right now is getting so humid and so hot.
2. incredible appetite - There is no imagination how much I can eat, especially for my size. even my mom doesn't believe me, until last month she came from canada to visit and she said I looked so gross cuz it looked like I was just pouring food into my mouth.

Don't know if this helps or is related but:

1. Eczema + Unknown Skin Problem (VERY EXTREME) - some doctors tell me they have not seen anything as bad as what I have had. Ultimately, it was an incredible amount of antihistamines that always keeps it under control but it always flares up from time to time. I've been taken pictures to keep records, I've had to just simply lie in bed cuz I'm bleeding so bad.
2. Eye Problems - I have had Cataracts as a result of my skin problems, and then Retinal Detachment for both eyes as well... and pretty high near-sightedness since I was 5.

Some other not-serious symptoms that I should note;

- I used to get heart pains... not very often and never lasted too long (like someone stabs me in the heart) and it'd be random... but i dont get those anymore ever
- i used to get shaky trembly hands, but not now.
- I am a very irratated person growing up, I have learned to calm myself. But i'm an itchy scratchy person that always gets nervous about the smallest little reaction.
- I do a lot of intense sports training these days... water sports.
- I use moisturizers very often as per direction of my skin docs, and like i said, i take antihistamine whenever flare-ups happen.
- NO bulge on my neck that might show enlarged thyroid
- I lose a lot of hair everyday but I have really really thick hair that grows really fast
- Oily face with the skin problems
- Very skinny: i weigh 140 and am 5'10-5'11. For the incredible amount of food (especially proteins) I eat, everyone's surprised i look the way i do. Ribs and shoulder bones show and I look very very skinny. I am athletically quite fit tho!

i don't know what else i can provide but if anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it. Coming to HK, I find that the doctors (the general pracs) I've tried going to are all not very good, they don't care very much and are very quick to diagnose and go to the next patient. Any advice on what to do? Any ideas on what what I might be experiencing?

I would appreciate any help anyone can give. Thank you so very much in advance.

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  • You mentioned general doctors, but have you been to an endocrinologist? We both share a few symptoms, but not many and I am currently seeing an endocrinologist. The first one I saw in 2006 was not helpful but I think this one just might figure it out. In my search I looked for someone who could figure out a puzzle, do detective work. I found a practice of 7 endocrinologists who have written medical papers on subjects (other then sugar diabetes which is a major problem where I live but I don’t have). I suggest you do the same. Several of your symptoms do point to a possible endocrine problem so I would start there.
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  • First of all you need to get your thyroid test results and post them here or on another forum that deals with thyroid problems. Many people have serious symptoms with so called normal levels. If the thyroid tests turn out to be ok, then I would have my blood sugars looked into. You could be experiencing hypoglycemia. It causes sweating and extreme hunger. Also you should think about having your adrenal glands checked. There are simple blood tests that the doctor can order. Kiera
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