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It's been 6 months...I can't handle the pain =[ Please help

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  • Posted By: charliedollie
  • July 20, 2009
  • 08:51 AM

For the past 6 months, I've been sick. It started out with swelling in my groin lymph gland, then pain in my leg (of the lymph gland) that traveled down my leg, would settle for a couple of days, then move further down. Towards the end of this, I had a constant low fever, I was experiencing loss of appetite, dizziness, fatigue (I couldn't walk to my bathroom without running out of breath). My leg/ankle became very swollen and very painful...I literally needed help to walk. Around that time, I developed a rash on my thigh.

The swelling went down, the pain went away (this was about 3 months into this) and all seemed to be going well. Then, I started getting dizzy spells again (vertigo), loss of appetite/upset stomach, a rash on my shoulders, confusion/disorientation, slight balance problems, and fatigue. My shoulders started aching--feels like growing pains--which wasn't too bad. But then, the pain started jumping around a LOT. I mean, it's not in the same place for ten minutes.

That's not the worst part though... I get these UNBEARABLE shooting pains that literally take my breath away and leave me crying, crippled, on the floor. It started in my shoulder, but now randomly hit anywhere in my body. Also, when it first started, the shooting pain would like a couple of seconds and then stop before immediately repeating (about 5 times). Now, the pain lasts at least thirty seconds at a time before immediately repeating. Sometimes it lasts minutes, then leaves my muscles numb/stiff and very hard to move.

Lately, the shooting pain has been attacking me at LEAST once every hour, on a good day. It doesn't let me sleep =[ I've been giving Vicoden, tramadol, lyrica and many more pain meds that have all utterly failed.

Also, IDK if this is normal or not, when I get my blood drawn, it takes a very very long time for my 'needle wound' to stop bleeding. The last time I got it drawn, it was still trickling blood after 5 hours.

So far I've been tested for Mono (although I already had mono in 8th grade), leukemia, arthritis, auto-immune problems, lymphoma, and thyroid problems. It's not an infection, and it's not an allergic reaction. Right now, they're testing for chemical imbalances in my brain.

I'm nineteen years old, female. In the past, I've had Bell's Palsy, appendicitis, pneumonia, and currently have tendinitis in my wrist.

This is unbearable. Please if anyone has any advice or encouragement, I would love to hear it.

Thank you so much for reading this!

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  • I'm sorry you're having such a horrible experience! I don't know if my suggestion is worth anything, but you may want to research lupus, which primarily affect women. Your mention of a rash made me suspicious of this disease. Common symptoms include: joint pain/swelling, muscle pain, loss of appetite, fever with no known cause, red rash (usually on the face, but not always--and there are several different types of rashes), nausea/vomiting, swollen lymph nodes, and anemia. Lupus patients experience their symptoms as "flare ups." Your vertigo/dizziness may be a symptom secondary to anemia. You might find these website useful: www.lupus.org http://arthritis-symptom.com/lupus/lupus-symptoms.htm I really hope this helps! Best of luck!
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  • Have you seen a neurologist? You have some symptoms of shingles; the Bell's Palsy, if one sided, and the other symptoms may be in the shingles family, but that does not explain your thin blood--if you are taking lots of aspirin or other meds, that could thin it out or be a side effect. Rash on thigh--shingles or herpes family or from insect bite. Maybe you should see an infectious disease specialist. Was any of this connected to sex? Sounds like you need more blood work.
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  • lsoroosh: Thank you so much for replying. All suggestions help. Lupus was actually one of the first things the doctors were going to test me for, but due to the fact that I passed the auto-immune panel, they decided to move on (I don't have health insurance). When I mentioned this to my boyfriend, he became very worried; his sister died of lupus when she was sixteen. Because of a rash that recently developed on my face, though, they tested for auto immune diseases in the blood test I had last week.Monsterlove: My father suggested shingles, actually, but the doctor dismissed the idea as I never had flu-like sypmtoms, my rash never turned to bisters, and I was suffering chronic pain. To me, though, it seemed to explain almost everything. I suffered from Bell's Palsy about six years ago (My bone was filling with liquid which caused it to swell and pinch my right facial nerve...they never knew why my bone was filling with liquid. One day, I just started getting better).As for the thin blood, I am not taking asprin or any kind of medicine, as nothing helps with the pain. And, I am not anemic. blaze: I will ask my doctor about Lyme desease. I guess I never thought of it... My grandfather had Lyme about two years ago, but, thankfully, it was caught early on. I read on how it was treated, and that in most cases antibiotics help. I was on antibiotics for about two months (the doctor who was attending me then called it a 'shot in the dark') and nothing happened. I know that not all cases of Lyme are cured that way, but it somehow makes me doubt that that's what I have. As for electro hypersensitivity, my father is a fan =] He's always been a bit paranoid over this matter, which is why no one is allowed to have a cell phone in our house (even visitors) and we don't own a microwave. He will be thrilled to ask my doctor about this matter.Thank you all for the help. I will keep you posted
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  • I got the results from the most recent blood tests yesterday; everything turned out negative. It's gotten worse... I have started getting the sharp pain inside of my head...and after the pain stops, it leaves me so exhausted that I fall asleep within two minutes. When I wake up, I feel very, very scared, but I have no idea why I'm scared. Also, occasionally, I feel like I forget things...like how to write. I know how to spell the word, but I cannot write letters. One more thing: The sharp pain has also traveled to my throat. When the pain is in my throat, though, I cannot breathe. The doctor told me that I have to see a neurologist... Any ideas?
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