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Issue with my... brain?

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  • Posted By: tyllyn
  • June 8, 2007
  • 08:00 PM

I am 23 years old now. This has happened to me for quite some time... the oldest point I can recall is back in sixth grade, but I know it happened before then.

Every so often, not necessarily provoked by any action in the environment or anything that I'm doing, I go into this "mode". I have a horrible time describing it to other people. It almost feels like I'm experiencing the act of "being" all anew. I'm completely aware that this is happening, I know what's going on around, and I don't forget anything. It's as if I'm in ... I don't know... another dimension (lol). I'm just suddenly aware of what's going on around me. Really, really aware of everything. Aware of my body and how I move it. How everything feels. I can't snap myself out of this "mode" but if I wait a while (and stop thinking about it) I gradually go back into my normal state.

This happened very rarely before. And it still does happen really. I always called this "deja vu" because that's what my mother told me it was. The feeling and reasons behind it don't seem to mirror what other people describe as "deja vu," which leads me to believe it is something else.

Within the past couple of years, I've associated this feeling to the phrase "deja vu" so much that whenever someone says it, it is almost guaranteed that I snap into it. Being so controlled, I am now at the point where I can just sit and think about the feeling, and make myself go through it. I still have no idea (other than giving it time) how to snap out of it though.

It's not a real bother to my life. When it happens, it's quite a distraction to me. I start over-analyzing my movements and such.

All I really want to know, is what can I accurately call this... act? Is it truly "deja vu" or is there something else that I am suffering from?


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  • tyllyn It doesn't sound like deja vu. Deja vu is when you can "swear" this event has happened before, like in a dream, and the whole sequence of events has been played out before in your life. Sylvia Browne says, deja vu means you are back on track with what you are supposed (your pre-planned life) to be doing in life. I kind of like that explanation of why it happens, so I just smile and say think things must right. Now to your problem. Does something happen after these events? Not the ones that are brought on by someone saying deja vu. Because I get this dream and a feeling that I can not explain with my hands when I am deadly ill (without med attention death could occur). This started when I was 6. Most recently when one of my kids was ill (hours before his symptoms started). You just may be very in tune with your body. Cala
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  • Nothing at all happens afterwards. It just hits me suddenly, then gradually goes away. There's nothing more to it. Once it happened while we were working on a project at school. Once while I was eating lunch with some friends. And another time when I was out at the movie. There's nothing at all that I can think of, including what happens afterwards, that I can associate with this.And as I mentioned, I can actually make myself go into this "state," so that may also push for the theory of "it's not just my brain telling me I'm going to get sick soon".Brilliant idea though. I would have never thought of that.
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  • How about before it happens? Not enough sleep? Not enough food? Other than that I got nothing, sorry.
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  • Nothing that I can think of out of the normal.I usually don't get much sleep, but this occurs maybe once every... I dunno... 6 months or so (unless I make myself do it, or it's triggered by the phrase "deja vu" :P). I've had some crazy late-night video game sessions, and this never went with them.Food... I'm usually a light eater. Recently, with my girlfriend, I've been eating a lot more. In both cases, eating little and a lot, it has happened. It's possible that it may be because of certain things I'm eating, but I usually don't stray from my regular foods too often.And the question comes up again, if there's these triggers I'm overlooking, then should it be possible to actually make myself go into this "state"?
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