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  • April 15, 2011
  • 01:33 AM

I've been having this constant 24/7 headaches for the past month now at my left temple. My doctor thought it was a sinus headache because there was more like a pressure around my face too. The Antibiotics seem to work for like 5 days then it stopped working.the headache came back full force with visual auras( heat waves, light sparks, visual snow ) & sensitive to sound, no nausea. The visual snow won't go away now.. It's there 24/7 and the intensity of the headache increased. I went to ER they did CT Scan came back normal no tumor or sign of stroke. They prescribed tynenol 3 & MaxAlt but it didn't even make a dent on the headache. Went to the opthamerist and he said no sign if visual problems.. Did an X-ray for the sinus and it came back normal but my Sinus feel swollen and my ears feel like they'll pop. But my Sinus feel swollen and tender, I also feel pain around my cheek bone area and the right side of my face feel numb from time to time, I also feel pain in my upper tooth.
They're having trouble diagnosing what the problem is(sinus infection or migraine) or both. I've been in pain for a month now 24/7 non stop it's more located around the left temple, eyes & forehead. It makes me feel spaced out and dizzy

I have an ENT appt 2mrrw. And MRI & Neurologist on Monday.

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  • Could be one of those rare diseases. I think of Horton arteritis, also called gigant-cell arteritis. It causes continous severe headache with visual disturbances. If you have it you might be able to see your temporal artery in a mirror, and even feel the pulsations with your fingers.
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  • Hi I tried to answer your post, but I don't know if it was ignored or not.Anyhow, I think you should check for Horton's arteritis, aka giant cell arteritis. It most commonly affect the temporal artery, and the symptoms are as you described:severe continous headachevisual disturbancesjaw or tooth painIt's not easy to diagnos, but if the temporal artery is affected, then it become distended and visible. You should be able to see it in a mirror, and you can verify it's an artery (from a vein) if you can feel the pulsations. The giant cell arteritis forms small nodules inside the vessel, and they can also be felt with your fingers if you have them.It's an idea, at least. I think a sinus headache should have shown a visible infection on the CT you made.Good luck.
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  • I try to write something a third time. I think I was logged out before i had time to send the previous posts. You could consider giant cell arteritis, or temporal arteritis. It usually involves the temporal artery and causessevere continuous headachevisual disturbencesjaw or tooth pain If you have the disease, the temporal artery may become distended and visible through a mirror. If you can feel the pulsation with your fingers, then you know it's an artery and not a vein. The disease manifests as small nodules inside the artery, which may be felt through the skin. It's not so easy to diagnos, since the arteries are normal except where they are nodulated. It's worth to consider since the sinus headache should have been visible as an inflammation on the CT, I guess. Good luck.
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